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With the excitedness of technology use many have asked for iPad/iPhone apps that can be used with the S/L needs of their child.  Below are a small, but growing list of applications (apps) for iPhone and iPad that are “Speech/Language-y.” We use some of these apps others we have not. *NOTE…some are costly, some are free, but all are available to view via iTunes. Check back for more apps in the future!


“Google” – free 

“Wikipedia” – free

“Dictionary” – free, like website


“QuickRecord” – free app that is a very easy recording app to record voice for easy play back to student.


“Artik Pix” - $, can buy 1 articulation deck or a group of cards to then play matching game or just use as flashcards.

“Consonant Blends” - $, flashcards (l,r,s)

Phonological Awareness:

“ScramblePCS” – Free, add on decks of cards are $, blending sounds and letters at the same time.

“Tic Tac Toe Phonics” – free, identifying sounds, matching and rhyming.


“Build a Story”- $, allows student to create simple sequences/stories

“Conversation Builder” - $, work with child to record appropriate conversation interaction then play back entire conversation.

Anything by Lakeside Learning is great! 


*** As with all websites, please preview them and then help your child to navigate through the first few times.

**If your child is doing HEARBUILDER and has a log in/password (school code is 4K4H), you can use the following link to guide you to the student log in page:

*Website to search for applications:  *has free apps of the week, guides you to apps that are free and charge to purchase as well as gives descriptions.  


 *Games include memory, hangman, word searches, jeopardy. There are links to different sounds your child is working on.  

*Student or parent can make word searches or crossword puzzles using sounds *Variety of activities 

*Downloadable flashcards, mini books etc. separated by targeted sounds 

*Free Materials from other speech pathologists around the country, click on Materials Exchange, click Articulation, then click on the sound your child is working on  


*Registration is FREE, contains animated books, little quizzes, activities such as memory games, matching sounds and sequencing!  *Some free videos, free trial option or paying option.  It has “raps” about moon phases, planets, writing/reading paragraphs. *FREE interactive site with animated stories/vocabulary and games. *Various stories, phonics, answering questions etc. from beginner –advanced levels see attached page for details on each section of games. *Free Materials from other speech pathologists around the country, click on Materials Exchange, click Language, then click on the area your child is working on for games/activities. *Mad Libs written by students across the country.   *Click “internet favorites”  There are several great links to sites on this home page of our school (RAZ kids, spelling city, Reading practice etc)  Call Mrs. Miller during the summer if you have questions or can’t get something to work!