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3rd Grade - Haines

Third Grade Curriculum

READING   We will be using the Storytown series, which includes a hardcover reader, leveled readers, and practice workbook.  The leveled readers will allow your child to read at his/her instructional reading level during guided reading, while the hardcover book will be used for whole class instruction.  Your child will also read a variety of grade level novels and nonfiction texts throughout the year.  The Daily 5 system will be used to help your child develop habits of reading, writing, and working with peers.

LANGUAGE ARTS   Language Arts includes parts of speech and paragraph writing.  The Storytown series emphasizes phonics and grammar related to each story.  We will also cover elements of effective writing, and students will incorporate these traits into their writing.

SPELLING   Our spelling words align with the phonics component of the Storytown series.  Spelling includes an introduction to the words on Monday, with fifteen new words assigned each week.  There will also be five “Writing Words,” words that appear frequently in third grade texts and writing.  The students will work on various spelling and phonics activities throughout the week, and will be tested on the words on Friday.  A spelling list for the week will be included in your child’s Friday Folder.

MATH   We will be using the University of Chicago Everyday Math 4 series, which aligns with Common Core standards.  This series emphasizes problem-solving strategies, as well as integrating math into aspects of everyday life.  In addition, third grade math requires the students to learn their math facts, including multiplication and division.

SCIENCE   The students will explore four main units throughout the year: Interdependent Relationships in Ecosystems, Weather and Climate, Forces and Motions, and Life Cycles and Traits of Organisms. These concepts align with the Next Generation Science Standards and will incorporate a variety of STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) activities.  We will also be using Mystery Science as a way to further study these science subjects.

SOCIAL STUDIES   We will be using the Pearson My World series.  It focuses on World Geography, U.S. History, map reading, and famous historical figures.


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