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Elementary School

Below are websites that support some of the concepts in our 3rd grade math curriculum.  Please remember to ask Mom or Dad before you visit any website.

Curious about Common Core Standards?  Click here to practice every skill.

Practice math concepts by playing Everyday Math games at home or review math vocabulary.  Visit ixl.com to practice all math concepts.  To login type your 122firstlastname@nlsd, then type nlsd5digitnumber.  Practice your math facts at xtramath.org.  Take timed tests online, addition,subtraction, and multiplication.  


Adding and Subtraction

Fact families  

Addition Machine  

“What’s My Rule?”Stop that Creature  

 Robot calculation  

Story Problems

Number Stories  

Partial Sums video  


Addition Pyramid  

Math Baseball

Addition Video

Subtraction Video 

Linear Measurement and Area

Hydration StationMetric Video

Measure with a ruler ActivityUse a Ruler Video 

Standard Linear Measures GameChef Pierre measureVideo 

Tally Charts  

Design a Party  

Area Tutorial  



perimeter activityFunbrain activity

Measures Game

Perimeter and Area Video 

Perimeter and Area Video pt. 2

Line Plot Tutorial

Line Plot Tutorial- Step by Step


Multiplication and Division

Equal Groups ActivityVideo  

Arrays Activity 1VideoArray Activity 2  

DivisionDivision with Remainder Tool  

Practice multiplication  

Practice multiplication  

Arrays and Facts GameVideo  

Tally Charts,  Create a Graph  

Interactive Multiplication Table

Multiplication Video


Division Video


Place Value in Whole Numbers and Decimals

Place Value GamePlace Value Video  

Top-It ActivityComparing Large Numbers Video  

Place Value to a Million GameVideo  

Practice place value  

Place Value Golf  

Practice place value  

Base 10 blocks  

Practice base 10 blocks  


Decimal Place Value Video

Decimal Soccer-Addition

Decimal Jeopardy



segments, lines, and raysVirtual Geoboard

Brainpop geometry  

Angles GameVideo

Practice angles  

Quadrangles Polygon Activity  

Polygon Tangram ActivityVideo  

Banana Hunt  

Gorilla Angles  


Flips, Slides, Turns Game  

Solid Figure matching game   


Practice Coordinates

Blackbeard's Coordinates

Practice flips, slides and turns

Lines, Segments, and Rays Video

Angle Basics Video

Acute and Obtuse Angles Video

Quadrilateral Video


Multiplication and Division

Factoring Games, Game 1Game 2Game 3Game 4 

Multiplication Facts  

Number Models in Parentheses  

Extended Facts  


Extended Facts  

Lattice MultiplicationLattice Practice


Practice fractionsFraction VideoIntro to Fractions Video  

Explore FractionsFraction Parts Video  

Fraction Number lines  

Equivalent Fraction Video  

Comparing Fractions  

 Fractions Greater Than One  

Mixed NumbersMixed Numbers Video  

Design a fraction flag

Paint fraction designs  

Measurement and Data

Length GamesVideo  

VolumeVolume video  


Practice Volume  


Mean and Median ActivityVideo  



Frequency Distribution  

Coordinate Grids

Mean, Median, Mode Video



Take a probability quiz 

Gathering Data  

Spinners probability 

Designing Spinners