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Elementary School
•Reading/Writing:This year our district is implementing the Pearson ReadyGEN reading series which is an integrated literacy program that accelerates learning for students by presenting modeled reading with authentic text. Lessons include a Close Reading routine where students will learn how to approach complex texts by citing evidence from the text, exploring key ideas and details, and analyzing text structure. ReadyGEN uses a generative approach to vocabulary instruction where words are taught in clusters, with a focus on key words that are critical to understanding the text. Throughout the year, students will practice informative, narrative, and opinion writing in response to text. ReadyGENalso offers interactive anchor texts, digital publishing tools, and game-based online activities to increase student engagement while building literacy skills.
•Spelling/Phonics:We will be using the ReadyGENspelling/phonics program which focuses on spelling patterns. Students will receive lists that should be practiced nightly. A test on these words will be given each Friday. Students have additional opportunities for practice in the classroom.
•Grammar:We will cover sentence structure, capitalization, punctuation, prefixes, suffixes, synonyms, antonyms, and contractions.