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Elementary School

Our Social Studies curriculum covers the concepts below.  Each chapter has links where the student can practice the skill and learn important vocabulary words.  Please remember to ask Mom or Dad before you visit any website. 

Chapter One: Our Communities


Lesson 1: community, location, natural resource, region, mineral, diverse, culture

Lesson 2: cardinal directions, intermediate directions, symbol, relative location, absolute location, hemispheres

Communities Tutorial

Adventure Island

Directions game 

Uncle Sam's Farm

Follow the Bear

Compass Rose

Learn Geography

 Find the continents and Oceans

Continents 2

Continent Quiz

Lesson 3: rural, urban, suburban 

Types of CommunitiesBrain Pop Communities

Common Core State Standard:  3.RI.7,  3.W.6

Continent Research:

North America

South America






Chapter Two: Our Environment


Lesson 1: continents, landform, mine, adobe

Brain Pop Landform DetectivesU.S. Landform MapFind the Continents,Landform Definitions

Lesson 2: weather, climate, elevation, vegetation, ecosystem

Climate games, Bill Nye's Climate LabEcokids

Lesson 3: agricultural region, industrial region, renewable resource, nonrenewable resource, conserve, erosion, recycle

Farm gamesUSDA Kids Zone

Lesson 4: adapt, modify, irrigate, 

Common Core State Standard:  3.RI.8,  3.W.6

Regions Research






Chapter Three: Communities Build a Nation


Lesson 1: customs, longhouses, confederacy, cooperated, reservations, government, tradition

Native American map

Lesson 2: explorer, route

Explorers ProfilesInteractive map

Lesson 3: legend, fort, colony, colonize, mission, citizen

Lesson 4: expedition, territory

Lesson 5: drought, debt, interpreter, Quaker, pilgrim

Caption John Smith AdventureJamestown Adventure,

Jamestown Research,  Pilgrim Adventure

Lesson 6: tax, protest, legislature, patriot, independence, revolution, constitution

The Constitution gameBen Franklin True/FalsePlay Checkers with BF, Play Ben's Armonica

Common Core State Standards:  3.RI.3,  3.W.6

Chapter Four:  U.S. Government


Lesson 1: democracy, represent, liberty

Congress for KidsBe the Candidate

Lesson 2: legislative, executive, judicial, Congress, representative, bill, veto, Cabinet

Symbols of Our Government BookGame 1SongGame 2

Lesson 3: mayor, council, governor, census

Census for Kids

Common Core State Standard:  3.RI.2,  3.W.6

Chapter Five: Citizenship


Lesson 1: deed, amendments, volunteer

Road to Citizenship

Lesson 2: convention, suffrage, civil rights, segregated, delegate

Lesson 3: cause, union, motto, strike, boycott

Common Core State Standard:  3.RI.6,  3.W.6

Chapter Six:  A Growing Nation


Lesson 1: canal, wagon train, transcontinental, toll

Lesson 2: immigrants, frontier, homestead, gold rush, exclusion

Tour Ellis Island

Lesson 3: communicate, invention, patent, telegraph, technology

Pony Express game

Lesson 4: equal rights, assembly line, vaccine, activist

Common Core State Standards:  3.RI.3,  3.W.6

Chapter Seven:  Working in Our Communities


Lesson 1: needs, wants, scarcity, abundance, opportunity, cost, value

Wants Needs activity,  Mad Money game

Lesson 2: goods, service, producer, consumers, human resource, capital resource, profit

Lesson 3: trade, barter, supply, demand, free market, import, export

Lesson 4: credit, credit card, savings, bank, interest, deposit, loan, budget

Lesson 5: specialization, division of labor, interdependence

Common Core State Standards:  3.RI.2,  3.W.6

Chapter Eight:  Celebrating Our Communities


Lesson 1: cultural region, recreation

Lesson 2: arts, anthem, oral history, folk tale, hero, symbol

Lesson 3: landmark, harvest

Lesson 4: diversity, ancestors, pow wows

Common Core State Standards:  3.RI.9,  3.W.6

State Games

Place the State

Penguin States and Capitals

Penguin Hop