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Elementary School
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Mrs. Harty
3rd Grade - Haines
Language Arts

Parents and students can reach the ReadyGen reading program by doing the following:

Go to NLSD122 website > Parent/Student Tab > Student Technology Portal > click on Pearson Realize

Students will then be directed to enter their student username and password.

*The sheets below contain spelling and vocabulary words for each lesson.

Unit_1_Module_A_Refrigerator_Copies.pdf  - (Lessons 1-18)

Unit_1_Module_B_Refrigerator_Copies.pdf - (Lessons 1-18)

Unit_2_Module_A_Refrigerator_Copies.pdf - (Lessons 1-18)

Unit_2_Module_B_Refrigerator_Copies.pdf - (Lessons 1-18)

Unit_3_Module_A_Refrigerator_Copies.pdf - (Lessons 1-18)

Unit_3_Module_B_Refridgerator_Copies.pdf - (Lessons 1-18)