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Mr. Siegel
3rd Grade - Haines

November 30, 2018

Dear Parents,  

 Please be aware with the Holiday Season approaching and Winter Break there may be unique class and school activities which could change our daily routines and weekly lessons.  One of our goals this year in class is to be flexible, and this time of year is a perfect chance to work on it.  

 With the changing weather and of course snow, we still go outside for recess, of course this depends on the temperature.  For students to play in snow, he/she will need winter coat, snow pants, gloves, boots, and hat.  

 Wednesday is the Underground Railroad field trip at Piltcher Park.  We will be leaving school around 9:15 and returning back about 12:00.  We will be having lunch when we return to school.  Please know this will be an indoor and outdoor trip.  Students wear coat gloves, hat, and boots.  I already have my allowed two chaperones, but thank you too all who volunteered.  

We are looking forward to Game Day on Thursday, December 20th.  Students get to be together with their friends while playing good, old-fashioned board games! Please send your child with one or more games that they know how to play independently so they do not get frustrated and can enjoy their time. Please, NO video game or hand held electronic devices. Our special time lasts for 40 minutes. Please be sure to label all of your items and send them in a secure bag so they make it home.


What’s coming up: 


Language Arts: Ready Gen. : Unit 2 Module A Lesson 6-10


All lists are on my Haines School webpage.  Please know, vocabulary words may repeat, and words learned on previous lessons could be tested on later weeks.


Math: Unit 4; graphing, area, perimeter, measuring in inches and centimeters, and polygon identification


Science:  .  Weather investigation continued 

Upcoming dates:   

Dec. 5th Piltcher Park field trip 

Dec. 21 Winter Party at 2:30

Dec. 24-Jan. 6 Winter Break, Return back on Jan. 7  

 Unit 2: Module A Lessons 6-10

Stories: “The Athabascans” and “The Year of Miss Agnes” 

Skills: Characters and Main Idea/Central Message

Spelling Words.

Spell and use correctly in daily writing.

1. splash 2. throw 3. three 4. square 5. scream 6. strike 7. street 8. split

9. splurge 10. thrill11. strength 12. squeak 13. throne 14. scratch 15. squeeze

 Vocabulary Words

1. continents-main land, large areas of land (variation-continental)

2. trader- merchant (variation-trading)

3. deaf- unable to hear (variation- deafness)

4. catalog- descriptive list (variation- cataloging)

5. snares- trap, noose of wire to trap or capture animals (variations- snaring, snarer)

6. goggled- stared, gazed in amazement or wondering (variations- goggling, goggles)

7. bluff- step bank or cliff

8. brittle- easily broken or shattered (variation- brittleness)

9. wringer- clothes washer (variation- wring)

 If you need to reach me:   tsiegel@nlsd122.org. 







Daily Schedule & Specials

2018 - 2019 School Year Schedule

Daily Special Times/Schedule:2:30-3:00

Blue Days: P.E. 

White Days: Art/Music 

Snack: 2:15 

 Computer Lab: Thursday 1:00

(All students will need working headphones) 

Library: Friday, 12:30-1:00

(Books should be returned by Friday morning) 

Class Expectations

Student Expectations
•Listen and follow directions. 
•Walk quietly and safely at all times. 
•Respect others and their property. 
•Be responsible for yourself and your materials. 
•Keep your hands, feet, and objects to yourself.