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 April 13, 2018

Next Week in Class

Language Arts 

Spelling:  Unit 25 review words, test on Friday

Phonics: review skills 

Reading: Unit 25 Non-fiction  Readings 

Grammar: Review verbs, helping verbs, 

Writing: Persuasion 


Unit 8 Test on Friday

Math fact challenge ends May 1st.  See details below

Social Studies/Science 

Science: Life Cycles

Dear Parents,  

Math Fact Challenge will end May 1st.  Please see below for an Important Math Fact Challenge Update from Dr. Hall. 

Our class will be visiting the NL Village Hall, the NL Police Department, and the NL Library on April 25th.  We will be leaving school at 9:30 and returning by 12:30 to have lunch.  Students will be walking to each location, so dress for the weather.  Please be sure your child eats a hearty breakfast.   

Haines Family Fun Night is April 26th!  So join the teachers and fellow Haines’ friends for fun games and delicious food.  Don’t forget to visit the Book Fair too!  Check out the Haines webpage and Haines newsletter for the upcoming end of year dates.  There will be many more fun and important dates to mark on your calendar.   

Please remember our class is an allergy awareness classroom.  Students in our class have food allergies.  


Vocabulary words – Student friendly definitions ~ Test Friday

Lesson 25 – Student friendly definitions

1. require – Something that is required is needed.

2. functional – Something that serves as a purpose is functional.

3. inhabitant – The people or animals that in a certain place are the inhabitants of that place.

4. amazement – Amazement is a feeling of great wonder and surprise.

5. ample- A amount that is ample is enough or more than is needed.

6. responsibility – A responsibility is something you are expected to do.

7. futuristic – A futuristic story tells how things might be in the future.

8. realistic – A book that is realistic describes things as they really are.

9. confused – A confused person is mixed up.

         10. shifting – If air is shifting, it is moving or changing.


Unit 25 Review ~ Spelling Words ~ Test on Friday

1. choose 2. booth 3. foot 4. bruise 5.threw

6. soft 7. cause 8. thaw 9. false 10. preschool

11. misspell 12. indoors 13. apart 14. across 15. around


IMPORTANT UPDATE from Dr. Hall for ALL STUDENTS participating in the 


Math Fact Challenge



WOW! I am so PROUD of all of the students that have been working so hard to meet the challenge here at Haines. Every time a student passes a level I am so excited. Keep practicing! If you need some extra help practicing please let your teacher know and we will set that up for you. We want everyone to have a completed necklace to 12’s before May 1st when the Math Fact Challenge officially ends! 



April 6th —If you have passed your 7’s by the end of the day today you will get an invitation to a DONUT party!! The party date will be on the invitation


April 20th—Any student that has passed their 9’s by the end of the day today will be invited to a picnic at the park onMay 2nd. (we are waiting for nicer weather)


April 25th—Any student that has passed their 12’s by this day will be invited to a gym party! There will also be a treat! The date will be on the invitation.


April 30th—Did you finish all the way through Division 2 by today? We have something super special for you this day! Think RANCH FROSTIES!



**You get EVERY one of these prizes if you have passed the levels. 




Math Fact Challenge ends May 1st 

for the 2017-2018 School Year!

Technology Corner 

Recharge your learners desire for math with hoodamath.com.  This website has challenging and fun games that will help with fluency. Students can play a variety of multiplication games.  All the students tried hoodamath.com in class and are very excited about new games that allow for competition and interaction with other players while facts are being mastered and reviewed. No log or password is needed. P

Daily Schedule & Specials

Daily Special Times/Schedule:2:30-3:00

Blue Days: P.E. 

White Days: Art/Music 


Computer Lab:  Thursday, 12:30

Library: Friday, 1:30