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Mr. Siegel
3rd Grade - Haines

November 9, 2018 Newsletter 

Dear Parents,  

A reminder to all parents that signed up for American Education Day to bring your drivers license to check into the office.  Please join us for the fun on Monday from 

Next week, library will be having library on Wednesday, Nov. 14th.  

 Parent Teacher Conferences are November 19th (1-8PM) and 20th (8am-3pm).  To better help me prepare for our conference, please fill in and return the Pre-conference Questionnaire and return it by next Tuesday, Nov. 13th.  

Upcoming dates:   

Nov. 12th American Education week Parents welcome 10:45, Please see note for details. 

Nov. 16th 12:15 dismissal / Report Cards go home.  

Nov. 19-25 No school, Thanksgiving Break

Nov. 19 and 20 Parent Teacher Conferences. 

Nov. 30th In School Field Trip “Getting Ready for Winter”  

What’s coming up: 

Language Arts:

Ready Gen. 

Unit 2 Module A Lesson 1-5 (begins after break)

Next week, No spelling, reading, or vocabulary tests.  We will be focusing on writing and begin Thankful

All lists are on my Haines School webpage.  Please note, vocabulary words may repeat, and words learned on previous lessons could be tested on later weeks.


We will be test Unit 3 next week.  Unit 4 will begin after break

Science:  .  

Weather investigation 

 After Thanksgiving Break 

Unit 2: Module A Lessons 1 – 5

Stories: “The Athabascans” and “The Year of Miss Agnes” Skills: Characters and Main Idea/Central Message

Spelling Words.

1. sunglasses 2. football 3. homework 4. haircut

5. popcorn 6. railroad 7. snowstorm 8. earring

9. scarecrow 10. blueberry 11. butterflies 12. lawnmower                                   13. campground 14. sandbox 15. toothbrush

Vocabulary Words

Be able to understand the meaning of the word in text and other variations

1. pioneers- explorer, discoverer (variation-pioneering)

2. migrated- to move, journey, or travel (variation- migration)

3. preserve- to maintain or protect (variation- preservation)

4. plentiful- to have an abundant amount of something (variation- plenty) 

5. scarce- lack of or small quantity (variation- scarcity)

6. mileage- length of measure (variation- mile)

7. nuisance- inconvenience, annoyance, or pest

8. cache- hidden collection or hiding spot

9. margin- the edge or border (variation- marginal)

10. freight- load or transported goods (variation- freighting)

 If you need to reach me:   tsiegel@nlsd122.org. 







Daily Schedule & Specials

2018 - 2019 School Year Schedule

Daily Special Times/Schedule:2:30-3:00

Blue Days: P.E. 

White Days: Art/Music 

Snack: 2:15 

 Computer Lab: Thursday 1:00

(All students will need working headphones) 

Library: Friday, 12:30-1:00

(Books should be returned by Friday morning) 

Class Expectations

Student Expectations
•Listen and follow directions. 
•Walk quietly and safely at all times. 
•Respect others and their property. 
•Be responsible for yourself and your materials. 
•Keep your hands, feet, and objects to yourself.