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Mr. Siegel
3rd Grade - Haines


Friday, September 11th 2020

Dear Parents,

Thank you for all your support during class. You are always so patient, kind and willing to help trouble shoot. So I do appreciate you.

Remember that you fill find schedules and this years expectations powerpoint which includes some important information for this year on my Haines webpage

Another reminder, any iPad issues with your child’s iPad will need to be addressed through the District Tech Department via email. If you have any issues with apps, iPad case, etc. email tech- help@nlsd122.org

**Parents--please remember to call the Haines Office at 815-485-2115 if your child will be absent or late for school. These calls should be made by 9:15 AM daily. We are required by the Illinois State Board of Education to take attendance daily and call parents if their child is not present for remote learning.

Thanks, Mr. Siegel

Language Arts


Reading: Ready Gen. Unit 1 Module A Lessons 4-8.

Writing: Developing a Narrative story, continue creating a sentence and building a character,

Grammar: Subjects and simple verbs

Spelling: Unit 1 Module A Lesson 1-5 Words. Skill review of VC/CV syllable patterns. 

Lesson 1 to 5

Spelling Words Bellow is our list of words we are testing on Thursday, 9/17

Happen Lettuce Basket Winter Sister Problem Supper Subject Lesson Spelling Napkin Collar Traffic Suggest Puppet



EDM: Lessons 6 to 9

Elapsed time, making graphs, equal grouping, multiplication


We will be rotating Science and Social Studies

This week is Social Studies Continue Lesson 1

equator, prime meridian,

Individual Reading Assessment Announcement

During the next few weeks, teachers and reading specialists will be completing aimswebPLUS assessments with students. Your child may complete this testing during regularly scheduled Zoom lessons or the teacher may schedule a time to meet with your child during independent work or student support time. The testing should take approximately 5-20 minutes depending on the grade level.

aimswebPLUS assessments are formative and help our teachers know how to better teach your child. It is more important that your child completes the test to the best of their ability than that they get every answer correct. So that we can get a better understanding of your child’s abilities, please don’t restate directions, provide answers or clues, give indication of a correct or incorrect answer (nod, smile, etc.), or provide feedback to the teacher during the test (since many of the tests are timed). The teacher will provide this feedback to your child as needed and will make sure they feel reassured and successful. We ask that you please not screenshot or copy testing materials as they are copyrighted.

A Special Announcement from Dr. Hall

Do you like to see yourself on video?? Do you want to be seen by 100's of people??

Dr. Hall is looking for students/siblings/families saying the pledge for the morning announcements. Video yourself leading the pledge and you may become Haines FAMOUS! Simply email Dr. Hall at mhall@nlsd122.org if you are interested or feel free to just send her your pledge video right away!

We will use them throughout the weeks!
**It is traditional that 3rd graders are the leaders of the pledge at Haines School. Please be sure that a 3rd grader is in the video!!! We want this honor to be continuous at Haines if we can!
Dr. Michelle Hall, Principal
Haines School




Daily Schedule & Specials


Mr. Siegel's Remote School Year

Daily Schedule 

 Monday to Friday

9:00-9:20 Attendance, announcements and morning work

9:20-9:50 Special (Art, P.E. and Music)

9:50-10:00 Bathroom/Movement Break

10:00 - 11:00 Reading Whole Group

*Bathroom/Movement Break as needed

11:00-12:00 Reading Small Groups / Independent Work

12:00-12:30 Lunch

12:30-1:30 Math Whole Group/Independent Work

1:30-1:40 Bathroom Break/Movement Break

1:40 -2:30 Science / Social Studies.

2:30-3:30 Student Support Time


Zoom Specials Time 9:20-9:50

*Blue Days: Art or Music 

*White Days: P.E.  






Class Expectations

Remote/Virtual School

Student and Class Expectations:
Our class will be using CHAMPS and ClassDojo to guide our  class and school expectations with rewards and consequences.  Even as remote/virtual learners our class will follow these expectations.