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Mr. Siegel
3rd Grade - Haines

Mr. Siegel's Newsletter

March 5th, 2021

Dear Parents, 

Trimester 3 began March 1st.  Report cards have been mailed to all remote learners.  It includes both math and language arts, and the aims scores.  Report cards are always a great time to reflex on how well a student in doing and celebrate in accomplishment.  It is also a great teaching opportunity to help guide children in areas he/she can improve.  If you have any questions, please email me.  

I have sent home most of the material/supplies for at least up until midterms of Trimester 3.  If your child is missing anything from the bag please let me know and I will place it in the Haines office you to pick up.  Please continue to help your child keep all these materials in a safe and convent spot for class.  

Dr. Hall’s multiplication math fact challenge continues.  I encourage all my students to learn their facts and except the challenge.  It is a fun way to practice and learn your times tables.  Please email Dr. Hall if your child is ready to be test on any of the facts 2-12s.  The 1 to 5 facts challenge will be closed on Monday for anyone who is trying to earn that prize. But the challenge will continue.

Upcoming In Class

Language Arts


Reading: Continue “Deep Down and Other Extreme Places to Live”

Writing:  Developing detailed paragraphs

Grammar: . Verb tenses  

Spelling: /k/, /s/ and /j/ sounds and patterns. Our next spelling test is Thursday, 3/11 Ready gen. Unit 2B Lessons 6-10.

Find all the upcoming spelling and vocabulary list on my Haines teacher webpage


EDM:  Continue and testing Unit 6: multiplication reviews and number stories. 

Reminder to email Dr. Hall when you child is ready to be tested in the Multiplication Math Fact Challenge


Science: continue with Weather

S.S: Celebrating Women’s History Month. 

Important Reminder

for Remote Learners from Dr. Hall

Dear Remote Families,

Thank you for your continued support of your student and of Haines. We are very lucky to have you as a partner in education. As we continue with remote learning I wanted to take an opportunity to review some procedures for the benefit of instruction. As you know, this is all new for everyone in public education. We are determining what the best procedures and routines are as we go along. Our area of expertise really is in-person instruction. As we complete more time as remote we have found that many of the same procedures we use while in school would benefit our at home learners as well. In addition, our single greatest hope is that we return to in-person instruction very soon for all learners. We need to make sure we are establishing good work habits that translate to the classroom setting. Modeling is so important for our youngest learners.

  • ●  Students need one established learning space that they can call their own during school hours. This space should contain everything they need to learn so they do not need to find their supplies in another location.

  • ●  Students should be seated in a chair and not lying down during instruction. There may be times when the teacher indicates that they can lay on the floor, etc. much as we do in the regular classroom.

  • ●  Students should raise their hand to step away from learning. The teacher is interacting with students and it is expected that they are participating at all times.

  • ●  Students should not be interacting with pets, siblings or playing with toys, etc. while instruction is taking place.

  • ●  Students should not be eating during instruction. They should be following the established schedule for snack and lunch.

  • ●  Students need to independently complete their assessments. At this grade level assessments are used solely to plan for instruction and determine the best path for each student to learn. We do not issue letter grades in primary grades. When students get assistance on assessments of any kind then the teacher believes the student has a firm grasp of the material and will move forward. This will create gaps in their learning and everything we do at the primary level is aimed at creating building blocks for further learning.

  • ●  Our youngest learners are often not able to direct their own learning. When they are working independently in the classroom the teacher is always circulating to redirect and support them. We need at home support to check in on the students when they are working independently. Every teaching model that we employ utilizes this independent time to build skills and allow for students to get extra support. Please help us by checking in on your student during these times to ensure they are completing what is expected. The teacher always tells them what they are to be doing.

  • ●  Some of our remote learners receive support services from special education or reading. These times are tightly scheduled. If your student is late then they are missing services. It is very important that they are on time to get the full support they need. Please note--in

most cases the group will proceed without them. The specialist cannot wait or extend

their time due to scheduling.

  • ●  It is expected that your student is actively in class with their camera on from 9:00

    AM-2:30 PM. If your child will not be in attendance that entire time then you must call the Haines office to indicate they are arriving late or leaving early. Telling the teacher does not meet the requirements for attendance. Official attendance is documented through the Haines office. We have had many students leaving early for sports, appointments, etc. Please try to schedule these after school hours so your student gets the support they need to be a successful 1st-3rd grade student.

  • ●  At Haines we use Safe and Caring Schools as our model for discipline and positive reinforcement. This model employs the philosophy that we teach our students what the expectations are for success. Students are reminded when they are not following the expectations the first time. The second time there is a consequence such as a lost DOJO point. The third time there is a greater consequence such as a visit to the principal, a parent conference, or loss of a privilege. Teachers will be using this model in remote learning. Consequences during remote may include the teacher removing the student from Zoom if they are being disruptive or are not engaged in learning. At that point the teacher will alert the office and we will call home to discuss the situation that led to this.

  • ●  We remind our students all the time that they are role models for others while learning. I will be visiting each class to remind students of this expectation in the next week.

    The Haines teachers are working tirelessly to keep your students engaged and learning. Please continue to support us by reviewing these expectations with your child prior to logging in each day. Please also share these expectations with any caregiver that works with your student. We want our students to have a successful remote learning experience and also to ensure they have good practices for being a student when we return. I know that together we can make this work!

    Together We Are Haines! Dr. Hall, Principal


Daily Schedule & Specials

Mr. Siegel's Third Grade Class

2020-2021 Remote School Year 

(Remote Class)

Daily Schedule 

9:00 Attendance, announcements and morning work

9:05-10:00 Language Arts

10:00-10:30 Specials  

*Bathroom/Movement Break as needed

10:45-12:05 Language Arts

12:05-12:40 Lunch

12:40-1:40 Math

1:40-1:45 Bathroom/Movement Break

1:45-2:00 Cursive/Language Arts. 

2:00 -2:30 Science / Social Studies (two week rotating schedule)

2:30-3:30 Student Support Time (as needed) 

 Specials Time 10:00-10:30

: Blue Day: Art or Music (rotating schedule) 

White Days: P.E.  






Class Expectations

Remote/Virtual School

Student and Class Expectations:
Our class will be using CHAMPS and ClassDojo to guide our  class and school expectations with rewards and consequences.  Even as remote/virtual learners our class will follow these expectations.