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Mr. Siegel
3rd Grade - Haines

  Dear Parents,   

A reminder that all Flat Stanley host address information needs to be returned back to school by this Tuesday, March 14th.  Please be sure to clearly print each host family name and address.  These addresses are needed in order for your child to send his/her Flat person away.  I prefer an address outside of Illinois, but if you do not have friends or relatives in another state, consider those that live in a different town. This is not a graded project for the report card, but is a fun activity in which every child can enjoy and learn something new. Besides, what child wouldn’t like getting something fun in the mail, even if it’s for school!

The first Math Challenge party is coming soon.  Students will need to have finished all levels up to multiplication of five by March 22nd.  See information below.  

Our class has been doing a fantastic job taking the PARCC tests this past week.  We have two more days of testing on Monday and Tuesday of this coming week.  Testing will take place in the morning and will take about 90 min.   Again, please help your child prepare for the test by reminding them to eat a healthy breakfast and by getting a good night sleep.  Also, remind them of the importance of finishing a test, doing there best and taking there time.  There is no points for those who finish first. PARCC testing will be over after the last test on Tuesday, 3/14.  Students will be pulled from regular class for make up testing.  We will resume normal spelling, vocabulary, and reading assessments the week of March 13th.  

Have a great weekend,

Mr. Siegel


Lesson 21 ~ Testing the Week of March 13th

Vocabulary words – Student friendly definitions

1. conserved – If something is rare and important, it should be conserved, or kept carefully.

2. strict – If you are stern and demand obedience, you are strict.

3. harsh – If something is hard to stand up to, like a blizzard, it is harsh.

4. bleak – If something is cold and gloomy, it is bleak.

5. absence – An absence means that something or someone is not present.

6. shelters – Something that shelters you protects you and keeps you safe.

7. permanently – If something stays one way forever, it stays that way permanently.

8. drifts – When something drifts, it moves along without direction.

9. scarce – Something is scarce if there is not much of it to be found.

10. dim – It is dim when there is not much light.

Third Grade Math Challenge!


WOW! I am so PROUD of all of the students that have been working so hard to meet the challenge here at Haines. Every time a student passes a level I am so excited. It is time to start with some reward incentives for all of the 3rd grade students. Keep practicing! If you need some extra help practicing please let your teacher know and we will set that up for you. We want everyone to have a completed necklace before leaving Haines this year! 


March 23rd—Extra Recess for any student that has passed their 5’s by March 22nd. You may not test on March 23rd to earn this recess. 





Daily Schedule & Specials

Daily Special Times/Schedule:


  • Attendance: 9:10
  • Lunch 11:25-12:00
  • Specials 1:00-1:30 
  • (Blue Days  Art/Music)
  • (White Days: PE)
  • Snack 2:30
  • Dismissal 3:40
Thursday ~ Computers and Library 

Students should have gym shoes every day.