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Mr. Didier
U.S. History - Liberty Jr. High
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Mr. Didier's Website

     Welcome to Mr. Didier's website for U.S. History. The agenda for each week is listed below along with upcoming assignments. If you are absent visit the U.S. History tab to the right to download note keys or extras you may need. 


U.S. History

Monday, March 24th



  • E-Learning Day #5
  • U.S. Government- Congress

Tuesday, March 25th

  • E-Learning Day #6
  • Presidential Elections

Wednesday, March 26th

  • E-Learning Day #7
  • Voting

Thursday, March 27th



  • E-Learning Day #8
  • Primaries and Caucuses

Friday, March 28th 

Spring Break Begins


  • No E-Learning Institute Day
Pun/Joke of the Week:

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