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Junior High School
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Mrs. McKimson
Art - Liberty Jr. High

About Me...

 Staff PhotoNot only am I a teacher, I'm also a mother, wife, sister, daughter, mentor, healer, etc. As I wear these many hats I strive to make sure I find time for self-care. I enjoy astrology, energy healing, music, theater,  swimming, running, experiencing the world first hand and learning new things. I try to raise the Earths vibrations by staying as positive as I can. 

My teaching philosophy is very student-centered. I provide an abundance of choice in my classroom to empower my students abilities to make choices, envision, observe, be persistent, and stretch & explore their capabilities. I received my undergrad degree in art education in 2007. I achieve my masters degree in art education in 2016. I try to be as positive as I can and spread the joy of art. Art heals and art can save lives. 


Quick Facts...

Years Teaching:

11 YEARS!!!!!!!

Graduated From:


Bachelors and Master's in Art Education. 

Favorite Thing About Teaching:

 Counseling the students with their needs outside of general academics. I think they need an adult who will listen to them and also guide them in the right direction. Sometimes our most valuable lessons happen outside the classroom. Also, art is very therapeutic and self-expression is very important for our students to be able to use. I feel as our art classes here at Liberty provide that for our students.


Running after my kids, sleeping, laughing, cooking, traveling, creating, Astrology, etc. 


My husband name is Bob, and we have two beautiful baby girls named Penny and Ella!

Favorite Book:

Llama Llama books (My youngest Ella laughs every time we read one).