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Junior High School
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Mrs. Fettinger
7th and 8th Grade Science - Liberty Jr. High

Please look below for worksheets, notes and PDF files of our textbook for 8th Grade Science Smile

Weekly Agenda

Monday 2/12 & Tuesday 2/13:

Today we are reading ecology 1.1 with our notes on google classroom.  Also, we will be working on our  Characteristics of Life packet. 

*Be sure to finish your Abotic Factors lab from last class for homework!


Wednesday 2/14 & Thursday 2/15:

Today we are reading ecology 1.2 with our notes on google classroom. We also be working on our Deer Population activity. Please have your Deer Population Activity and your Characteristics of Life packet completed for next class.


Friday 2/16:

Today we are grading our Characteristic of Life packet. Also, we will be working our Rabbit Population Gizmo (on explorelearning.com). What is not done of your gizmo will be homework.