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Junior High School
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Ms. Kollross
7th Grade Math - Liberty Jr. High

*Week of 9/25/17

Monday, 9/25/17:  After our Minute Math bell ringer, the kids and I discussed and reviewed any of the assigned problems from the Lesson 4-5 Assignment started Thursday.  When students were individually ready, they were able to complete the Lesson 4-5 In-Class Assignment.  I asked them to complete the Lesson 4-6 Launch and Reflection for tomorrow's class.

*Week of 9/18/17

Friday, 9/22/17:  After Minute Math, we reviewed the first 7 problems from the Lesson 4-5 Assignment.  We then completed Part Three as well as the Close & Check from this lesson.  The kids were given time to continue/complete the Lesson 4-5 Assignment.  I asked them to do their best to complete this for Monday's class.  Don't forget:  Midterms for 1st Trimester are next Thursday.  Work on those redo sheets if needed!

Thursday, 9/21/17:  The kids started our class today by completing the Team Problem of the Day.  We then discussed and reviewed #9-15, often drawing pictures to help the kids understand and set up their solutions.  We then began working through Lesson 4-5: Subtracting Rational Numbers, completing the Launch, Reflection, Part One and Part Two.  I asked the kids to try the first 7 problems  from the Lesson 4-5 Assignment.

*Week of 9/18/17

Wednesday, 9/20/17:  After the kids and I discussed their Minute Math answers, we went over their questions from #1-8 on Puzzle 6.8.  I then went through the rest of the problems from this puzzle with them to discuss strategies to come to solutions.  They were given the rest of the class time to work on this puzzle.  We will discuss this further tomorrow,  Do your best, Kids!

Tuesday, 9/19/17:  Today we did not start class with our normal Team Problem bell ringer activity.  Instead, the kids completed the Fall AIMS tests.  They are used to completing these on paper, but these are now completed online.  I then gave them Puzzle 6.8 to practice adding and subtracting positive/negative rational numbers.  I asked them to try #1-8 for tomorrow's class, noting those they'd like to discuss tomorrow.

Monday, 9/18/17:  After Minute Math the kids and I reviewed any problems from the Lesson 4-4 Assignment they wished to go over.  They then completed their Lesson 4-4 In-Class Assignment.  After that I gave them class time to complete #11-20 on a sheet entitled "Adding/Subtracting Decimals" that we started earlier this topic.  There is an answer key stapled to this so they can review this skill that is considered a prerequisite to Lesson 4-5.   They have been asked to try these for tomorrow's class, noting the ones they'd like to review. 

*Week of 9/11/17

Friday, 9/15/17:  Due to shortened classes today, the kids did not have a bell ringer.  They then worked collaboratively in their teams to work through Part 3 of Lesson 4-4 as well as the Close & Check.  They were then encouraged to use the rest of the time to compete the rest of the Lesson 4-4 Assignment started in yesterday's class.  We will discuss this assignment at Monday's class.

Thursday, 9/14/17:  After the Team Problem of the Day, the kids and I worked through the Launch, Part One, and Part Two of Lesson 4-4: Subtracting Integers.  The kids agreed that yesterday's review of the the skill of subtracting integers helped greatly since they are using the skill in problem solving situations in this section.  I asked them to begin the first half of the Lesson 4-4 Assignment.  They also received their Lesson 4-3 In-Class Assignment back; reminder:  students are encouraged to complete a redo sheet for any incorrect problems on these as to learn from their mistakes and earn full credit.

Wednesday, 9/13/17:  The kids started their day completing the Minute Math bell ringer.  We then reviewed anything they wanted from the Lesson 4-3 Assignment that was to be completed to the best of their abilities for today's class.  They then worked on the Lesson 4-3 In-Class Assignment when they were ready.  They will receive this back graded by tomorrow's class.

Tuesday, 9/12/17:  The kids started class with the Team Problem of the Day.  We then reviewed any questions from the Lesson 4-3 Assignment the kids wanted to discuss.  Reminder:  any mathematical computation (mental or on a calculator) must be noted in student work.  After the review and when the student was ready, the kids each completed the Lesson 4-3 In-Class Assignment.  I asked them to work on the Lesson 4-4 Launch and Reflection (in Student Companion) for tomorrow's class.

Monday, 9/11/17:  After Minute Math, the kids all received their Pre-Requisite to Lesson 4-2 In-Class Assignment back today.  This will be put into PowerSchool tonight.  The kids were asked to attempt to complete the Lesson 4-3 Assignment (online or paper copy) to the best of their abilities for tomorrow's class.  They should highlight/circle/note the questions they would like to discuss tomorrow.

*Week of 9/5/17

Friday, 9/8/17:  Today the kids completed the Prerequisite to Lesson 4-3 In-Class Assignment.  This will be graded and returned to them on Monday and also put into PowerSchool after school Monday.  We continued working within 4-3 as well.

Thursday, 9/7/17:  We reviewed the six problems involving positive/negative fractions and mixed numbers after our bell ringer.  The kids and I then began to explore within the actual lesson parts of Lesson 4-3: Adding Rational Numbers.  We will continue this into tomorrow's class.

Wednesday, 9/6/17-->  We continued preparing for Lesson 4-3 today by practicing adding positive/negative fractions and mixed numbers.  The class was given six problems with answers provided to practice this skill for tomorrow's class.

Tuesday, 9/5/17--> Today the kids and I reviewed adding positive/negative decimals to prepare for our next lesson Lesson 4-3: Adding Rational Numbers.  After practicing together in class in their foldables and on dry erase boards, the kids were asked to complete 10 problems (answers provided) for tomorrow's class.

Monday, 9/4/17-->  No school (Labor Day)