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Junior High School
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Ms. Lehrer
7th Grade Language Arts - Liberty Jr. High

About Language Arts

Follows the Liberty standards and practices.  Most homework assigned is a novel reading assignment or studying for a test/quiz.  Otherwise, most work is completed in class. 

Absence: Each student receives one calendar day to make up work for every day he/she is absent.  In cases of prolonged absences, contact me and we will make arrangements regarding missed assignments.

Grading Scale: The grading scale for ELA follows the Liberty Junior High scale.

Homework: 10%
In-Class Work: 40%
Assessments [Quizzes/Tests/Essays/Projects]: 50%

Your child will receive his/her own personal PowerSchool login this year. Encourage your child to check his/her grades at least once per week. If your child has a smartphone, I can assist in installing the app (a special server code is needed).

Please note that a letter and/or contract will be sent home at the beginning of all major units in order to better inform you of your child’s learning.  You can also check this website for up-to-date information.  


What is it? 

Every day we start class with a 7-10 minute creative journaling time or silent reading time followed by a 2 minute share time. Students receive points for participating. Students may turn in work that they are particularly proud of writing. 


How are points earned?

Students receive 5 points per day for participating. Like in sports or music, practice makes perfect. The more time spent on the activity, the better it is for the student. The same is true for writing.

Can points be lost?

Yes. Absences, sectionals, office visits, or off task behaviors result in the loss of points.

Can those lost points be recovered?

Yes! All a student has to do is turn in a minimum 1/2 page creative writing assignment for each day points are lost. Students have daily prompts they may use for inspiration.



Edmodo snapshots are short common core aligned assessments. It allows me to see how students are performing on the standards. They are assigned weekly through Edmodo. 


Reading: Major genres covered through the use and application of literary terms and Notice & Note Signposts: short stories, novels, poetry, non-fiction, fiction, folklore, and drama

Please note that the novels used at the junior highs may contain mature content.  Please contact me if you do not want your child reading any of the novels used this year.  I will inform you of all novels via a permission slip sent home with your child.

Classroom Novels:
The Giver/Gathering Blue - Lois Lowry
A Christmas Carol - Charles Dickens

  •  REG LA - will read an adapted play
  •  ACC LA - will read the adapted play and the full text of the Carol.

Literature Circles Novels:

Elsewhere - Zevin

Tears of a Tiger/Forged by Fire - Draper

Drums, Girls, and Dangerous Pie/Notes from the Midnight Driver - Sonnenblick

Independent ReadingStudents choose their own novels to read based on classroom requirements.



forms of language 

functions of language

Writing Workshop:

Please refer to the writing workshop calendar for all essay due dates.

Trimester 1 - narrative writing 
Trimester 2 - argumentative writing 
Trimester 3 - literary analysis writing

Constructed Literary Responses - throughout the year