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Junior High School
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Ms. Lehrer
7th Grade Language Arts - Liberty Jr. High


Please note that I will be piloting a  new language arts curriculum this year, so this page is subject to change.

Each trimester, our writing class will do a five-seven week writing workshop unit.  Please take the time to read the requirements for these units and sign the attached contract.


The purpose of writing workshop is to provide a risk-free environment for students to learn the skills of good writing.  Students are given a one-on-one, individualized conference when each essay is due.  Improvements are then discussed and goals are set.  Students are expected to meet these goals by the selected essay, which is always due at the end of the grading period.

1st trimester - 1 narrative essay

2nd trimester - 2 argumentative essays

3rd trimester - 2/3 literary analysis papers 

Process Paper (PP) Grade:


Process papers are "practice papers" that earn a completion grade if completed on time. The entire writing process (listed above and below) needs to be completed before an essay can earn full completion credit.


The grade for completed process papers is added onto the final selected paper grade.


The Final Step: The Selected Paper (SP)


At the end of the trimester, students will select their best paper (hence the SP) out of the process papers they have written.  This paper is just a polished final draft of one of their process papers.

The SP, or selected paper, will be assessed based on process, style, voice, content, and conventions.  The final grade for this paper is worth a test grade.  For every day the selected paper is late, points will be deducted.


Each selected paper requires a certain number of smiley-face tricks or tricks to good writing.  See my downloads page (trimester 1 writing) for "smiley-face tricks" notes.


Smiley-face Tricks Requirements Per Trimester:


Trimester 1 ~ 3-4 smiley-face tricks / essay

Trimester 2 ~ 4-6 smiley-face tricks / essay

Trimester 3 ~ 6-8 smiley-face tricks / essay


What are the process requirements for each paper?


Students must complete the following for each process paper:

(Each process and selected paper must have these steps stapled to the back of the final draft.  Some steps may change slightly depending on the type of essay.)

The basic writing process:

1.) Brainstorm sheet

2.) Rough draft with visible revisions 

3.) 1 self-edit/sentence check and 2 peer-edit sheets 

4.) Typed final copy

5.) All typed final drafts must be revised to reflect goals set by Ms. Lehrer

Each paper is a completion grade if completed on time.  Late process papers will result in points deducted on the final selected paper rubric.

If these requirements are not met, the essay must be finished and turned in on the next due date.  The complete process is what is being assessed.