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Junior High School
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Mrs. Lavin
Physical Education - Liberty Jr. High

Physical Education is a class for all students.  My goal is to have students participate in all activities and try their best the majority of the time.  I understand all students may not be fluent in all activities, however I appreciate when the students try their best, despite their apprehensions. 

I appreciate when my students are on time, give their 110% effort, listen to directions, to be safe, to be respectful to all teachers and their peers, to be positive and of course to have fun!  

The PE expectations are a general reminder of how the class is ran here at Liberty.  All this information is given to the students as well as to the parents who attend expectation night. Please review them need be. 


Medically Excused Reminders:

All students receive 3 parent excuses a trimester.  These could be days your child is not feeling well, or something along those lines.  I have also had parents write notes excusing their child from running, but may walk and participate in the main activity. Some is better than nothing! Also, students who are out will be expected to do a brief assignment to earn their daily points for the day.  If you forget to write a note, an email will do just fine.  Communication is key!

A doctors note is needed for a student who needs to be excused for more than a 3 day period. Students also need a doctors note to return back into PE.  If you have any questions, please let me know!

Daily Procedures and Grading Policy

Student earn points in 3 catagories: Participation, Preparedness and Written.  Five points is given for each Participation and Preparedness on a daily basis.  Here is a break down

Participation: This category is based on the students effort in the activity, if they are trying their best, having a positive attitude and being a team player. 5 points = student gives full effort in the activity to 1 point where the student would be doing absolutely nothing. Most students earn a 5 each day, but there will be days students earn a 3 or 4 depending on their participation and effort. They are NEVER graded on skill! Always effort, attitude and participation.

Preparedness: This category is based on students having their complete PE uniform, proper PE shoes, no jewelry on, no gum and to their attendance spot on time. Students ARE allowed to rent our clean uniforms! Each piece is $.50 and they can IOU! We want each student to be in PE attire for safety and hygiene reasons. All students take home their uniforms each week to be washed

Written:  After each activity/unit, students will take a written test.  My tests vary from unit to unit, but are not taken on scantron so a student may use pen or pencil OR the test may be in the Ipad, which students will be made aware of before hand.  I use Multiple Choice, Fill in the Blank, Short Answer and many other vices to test the students.  If we don't cover it, it is not on the test!  All my study guides are on the site and available to the students in the gym