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Junior High School
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Mr. Bollini
8th Grade Language Arts - Liberty Jr. High

Students are expected to come to class each day with the following items:

  • Assignment Planner
  • Pen (Black or Blue please) or Pencil 
  • Highlighters (3 colors)
  • 3-Ring Classroom Binder
  • Grading Pen (Red)
  • SSR Book
  • A positive attitude  
If absent, please come see me as soon as possible when you return to school.  I will have any handouts or notes you may have missed in the "Absent?" Folder on the back bulletin board in my classroom.  Please see me for an explanation of what we did on the days you missed.
Ultimately, it is the STUDENT'S responsibility to hand in any assignments missed from being absent and coming in to make up tests/quizzes or in-class assignments.
We follow the "Step" System of Discipline in class.  Students may receive a Step for any disruptive or disrespectful behavior they exhibit in my class.  Any Step a student receives will remain with them in this class for the duration of the current Trimester.
Step 1:  Verbal Warning
Step 2:  Written Warning
Step 3: Parent Contact
Step 4: Discipline Referral
Any extreme behaviors exhibited by a student may result directly in bypassing the Step system and receiving an office referral.
  • Students are expected to be sitting in their assigned seat when the bell rings.  If the student is out of their seat roaming the room/talking to a friend after the bell, they will receive a tardy.
  • A Bell Ringer will be posted daily on the front board, it is the student's job to follow the directions precisely without being instructed.
  • A student is to be FULLY prepared for class when the bell rings, this includes having all necessary classroom materials AND using the washroom if need be.  Once class begins, washroom visits will be given on an emergency basis only.