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Junior High School
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Mr. Bollini
8th Grade Language Arts - Liberty Jr. High
Accessing Google Classroom Instructions

Step 1: Follow this link to Student Google Apps Login
Step 2:
Click the "Sign in to Google Apps for Education" button on the bottom of the page and sign into the program using your school login & password (The same thing you used to login to the laptop!)
Step 3:
If this is your first time using your Google Apps account through school, Press the blue "I accept" button on the bottom of the page.  If you've done this, move on to step 4.
Step 4:  Click the 3x3 Boxes Icon next to your login in name (Thanks for the account, John!) And press the "More" button at the bottom to find the link to Google Classroom -- Click that and you will be taken to the classroom
Step 5: Click the "I am a Student" button on the bottom of the following Page 
Step 6:
Click the "Join your First Class" Plus (+) button -- The screen will have an arrow pointing to it on the top right!
Step 7: 
When Prompted -- Enter your class specific code (Given in Class) and press join
Step 8: 
Find your Open Assignment. Click the Link and Open the Doc file.  Once you have finished be sure to press the Turn in button in the upper left hand corner. Voila! You have completed your first Google classroom assignment!