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Junior High School
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Mrs. Zinkel
7th Grade Science - Liberty Jr. High

Week of Nov. 11-15

Monday: Momentum and Newton's laws. The students will finish up their Chapter 1 notes with momentum and define momentum and law of conservation of momentum. They will then work on a webquest about Sir Isaac Newton and his laws of motion.

Tuesday and Wednesday: The students will do a Hot Wheels lab to show momentum. This will be in Google Classroom. 

Thursday and Friday: The students will work on a study guide for Chapter 1 Motion their test will be next Wednesday and Thursday 11/20 - 11/21.

Week of Nov. 4 - 8

Monday and Tuesday: The students will read about acceleration. They will define positive acceleration, negative acceleration, momentum, inertia, and law of conservation of momentum. They will fill in the fill in the blank notes on Google Classroom. We will then do an inertia activity where you place a penny on an index card on top of a beaker and try to flick the card out and have the penny drop into the beaker. 

Wednesday and Thursday: The students will have time to check over their grades and correct their speed lab. They will then work on force notes.

Friday and Monday: We will be going over Momentum today. Defining, taking notes, and doing a webquest over Newton's laws..