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Junior High School
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Mrs. Zinkel
7th Grade Science - Liberty Jr. High


The week of May 6 - 10

Monday and Tuesday: We will go over their Inheritance Gizmo and grade them. We will then move on to section 2 in Chapter 5 reading and filling in the notes in Google Classroom. They will have time to work on completing their vocabulary packets and also work on a comprehension reinforcement worksheet.

Wednesday and Thursday: We will go over the worksheet from last class and then do a "Chicken Genetics" Gizmo. 

Friday and Monday: The students will turn in their "Chicken Genetics" Gizmo to be graded. They will then have time to finish reading and taking notes to complete chapter 5. They will also need to complete their vocabulary packets for the chapter and with the time remaining we will work on a quizlet to review for the vocabulary quiz that will be next class.

The week of April 29 - May 3

Monday: The students for this red day will talk about the "Blue people of Kentucky". This will lead into inherited traits. After our discussion the students will work on a vocabulary packet for the Genetics unit. 

Tuesday and Wednesday: The first 10 words in the vocabulary packet are due today. They should be defined, illustrated, and written in a sentence. We will then do a inherited traits lab, surveying the class about particular traits and then working on graphing and answering questions about the traits. The lab packet is due next class.

Thursday and Friday: We will go our the results from our inherited traits lab and discuss dominant and recessive traits. The students will work on a "Inheritance" Gizmo. The Gizmo will be due next class.