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Junior High School
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Mrs. Zinkel
7th Grade Science - Liberty Jr. High

**For those that still would like to join Remind

text to 81010 the message @2gfck7!!

Monday 9/17 - 9/21

Monday 9/17: The student will be watching Bill Nye Measurement video and then finishing up any lab work for the length lab with the measurements notes and the metric conversion notes length lab as well. When they have finished up any measurements they will work on a conversions worksheet.

Tuesday 9/18 and Wednesday 9/19: The students will take notes on graphing and organizing data. They will then work on practicing making graphs in an organizing data packet and metric conversions in the kilometer ruler worksheet. Both the organizing data packet and kilometer ruler worksheet are due next class.

Thursday 9/20 and Friday 9/21: The students will work on a graphing Gizmo which is an online virtual experiment. This will be due the next class period.