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Junior High School
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Mrs. Zinkel
7th Grade Science - Liberty Jr. High

Sept. 18 - 22  *If you have been absent make sure to come in and make up any lab you have          missed !      


Monday: Students are working with calculating density. They will be working on a density cube lab in google classroom and make sure you turn it in.

Tuesday and Wednesday: The students will be working on a Gizmo at explorelearning.com it is a Density Laboratory. The students have a packet to follow and do the experiment in the program and record information in their packet. Part A and B are homework if you did not finish in class.

Thursday and Friday: The students will be doing scientific inquiry of densities of unknown materials. This is in Part C of their Gizmo Density Laboratory.

Sept. 11 - 15

We are working on the scientific tools and measurement in class, so each day is a lab experiment. If you miss a day of class you will need to see me during advisory to make up the activities.





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