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Junior High School
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Mrs. Zinkel
7th Grade Science - Liberty Jr. High

The week of Sept. 9 - 13

Monday and Tuesday: The students will be taking their first quiz. The quiz will be over lab safety and scientific method. The students will then write a paragraph using science skill works to describe what they saw Jane Goodall doing during her time in the wild. I have attached the link to the video if they need to watch again. I have also listed some words they can use in the paragraph.

Examples: question, hypothesize, experiment, record data, organize data, analyze data, observe, classify, compare, measure, predict, communicate, infer, practice safety skills

Wednesday and Thursday: We will start our measurement unit and scientific tools unit. Today the students will be measuring length with meter stick and metric rulers. We will measure various object throughout the science lab. This assignment is in Google Classroom. 


The week of Sept. 2 - 6 .       

*Please turn in your signed parent contact sheet!!

Monday Sept. 2:  Labor Day NO School!

Tuesday and Wednesday Sept. 3 & 4: Scientific Method Notes (Google Classroom) Make a foldable.

Thursday and Friday Sept. 5 & 6: Review Safety and Scientific Method for QUIZ next class! Fill in Doodle notes for Scientific Method.