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Junior High School
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Mrs. Zinkel
7th Grade Science - Liberty Jr. High

Jan. 14 - 18

Monday: The red day students worked on a incline plane Gizmo activity called "Ants on a slant".This is found at www.explorelearning.com and it is due next class.They will have a vocabulary quiz over their 13 words Thursday and Friday this week.

Tuesday and Wednesday: The students went over the "Ants on a slant" Gizmo and then we worked on a simple machine Gizmo called "Fan cart physics" This will be due on Tuesday and Wednesday next week. We will then have a catapult challenge and a study guide for their test which is Thursday and Friday next week.

Thursday and Friday: We reviewed their vocabulary words by working on Doodle Notes and then took the vocabulary quiz. The remainder of time was spent on researching different ways to build a catapult. The catapult challenge is Tuesday and Wednesday. Their test over Chapter 4 Work and Simple Machines is Thursday and Friday.

*The information for this unit including vocabulary list, notes, and powerpoint are in Google Classroom.