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Junior High School
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Mrs. Carroll
8th Grade Language Arts
and Reading Seminar - Liberty Jr. High

Welcome to 8th Grade Language Arts!

Course Overview

Language Arts is a combination of reading, literary analysis, writing, grammar, and vocabulary.  Students will be assigned various types of literature which include both fiction and nonfiction. 

 Assigned Text

Pearson myPerspectives

Units 1, 2, 4

Assigned Novels/Plays

The Outsiders

The Diary of Anne Frank

A Midsummer Night's Dream

Assigned Writing

Explanatory essays

Argumentative essays

Narrative essays



Independent Novel Study


1st and 2nd Trimester


Students choose their own novel to read independently and complete a project.


Grades are weighted as follows:

50% MP Unit tests, MP Selection Tests, Essays, Projects

30% Grammar tests / quizzes

20% Classwork / homework

 Homework/Absent Work Policy

Absent work should be made up as soon as possible without penalty.  Late work may be turned in for a 20% penalty up to the selection test / grammar test.  After the test, I will no longer accept it.

Weekly Agenda

Monday 12/2 - Sentence Structure Notes (new grammar packet), practice worksheets, finish Reader's Theater

Tuesday 12/3 - Diagram compound sentences, "Sentence Structure Practice 1" in Google Classroom

Wednesday 12/4 -Diagram opener, Subordinating Conjunction Song Time, Introduction to The Outsiders

Thursday 12/5 - Grammar openers (compound and simple sentences), novel packets, anticipatory guides, complete ink think in Google Classroom, begin reading novel (due Monday)

Friday 12/6 - Grammar notes: Comma rules, create Comma Rules posters