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Junior High School
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Mrs. Greene
Chorus, Drama, Life Skills,
and Music Cycle - Liberty Jr. High and Martino Jr. High

Liberty Voices of Freedom

Upcoming Events

Voices of Freedom will begin rehearsals on Wednesday, January 10.

They will meet in the Music room after school until 4:00 pm

They will conclude their season with a party on Wednesday, May 9.

Remember to bring you permission slip for snacks.

West Fest Performance

Voices of Freedom will be performing at the Lincoln Way West High School West Fest on Saturday, March 17. As soon as we are assigned a time, I will let you know.

The performance will be in the cafeteria. This is a huge craft show, that is a fundraiser for the LWW music department. We usually have quite a large audience at this performance. It is an informal presentation, and we will wear our Voices of Freedom T-shirts, jeans, and gym shoes.

More information to come.