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Junior High School
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Mrs. Greene
Chorus, Drama, Life Skills,
and Music Cycle - Liberty Jr. High and Martino Jr. High

Music Cycle

Welcome to eighth grade music cycle! You will be learning the basic elements of music, rhythm, melody, harmony, form, and organization. You will learn how to read and compose music. You will also travel through time to learn how culture is related to music, and how the works of the great composers teach us about those cultures and time periods. You will also learn to identify the instruments of the orchestra by both sight and sound, find out how music affects the brain, and find out how music is used in movies scores, video games and for TV and commercials. It is quite a whirlwind for a few short weeks!

Below are some of the materials we will be using in class. You can always contact me via email at egreene@nlsd122.org.