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Current Events, Plans, and Study Guides for May 15th-May 19th

** Please return any Reading Milestones books to us as we are taking final inventory next week.**

Current Events May (As of 5/19)

Hello parents!  This will be our final full week of the school year.  Therefore, we have no more spelling tests after Monday, May 22nd.  We will spend our week wrapping up loose ends and finishing up the curriculum from the previous week.  We have our cookout to end the year on Friday, May 26th.  Kids will have hot dogs, burgers, chips, water/pop, and all of the generous snack contributions from the parents.  We also have visitors from the 6th grade coming to observe the classroom for next year.  They will visit us on Thursday, May 25th.  The following week, we have our trip to the movie theater and Haunted Trails.  The year has been very successful for all of the kids but has flown by very quickly.  Thanks to all parents for making sure your children were here nearly every day.  Thanks for working with the team to create successful IEP's.  Thanks for your kind words and support during the year.  I appreciate it very much.  I am very lucky to have worked with all of you this year.

 Science:   We will begin our new unit on Chapter 9 Resources:   Lesson 3:  What are ways to use resources again?   We will review the chapter and begin chapter 10 when time permits.  Chapter 10:  Matter and its Properties.  Lesson 2:  How are properties of matter measured?  We also utilize Scholastic Magazine, Science Spin, and Time-For-Kids to supplement the curriculum this week.  

In Social Studies,   we will begin chapter 7:  Working in Our Communities.   Lesson 1:  Meeting our Needs and Wants.  Lesson 2:  Producers and consumers.  Lesson 3:  Exchanging Goods and Services.  Lesson 4:  Spending and Saving.  Lesson 5:  Many Different Jobs.   If time permits, the kids may also create a business by designing a product and determining a price and print run for their item.  We will supplement with map activities and chronological sequencing (timelines), main idea, and compare/contrast skills will be targeted during our units.  

Our Pre-Algebra and Geometry Equals will work on multiplying and dividing with positive and negative integers.  We will also begin basic one-step equations for algebra that utilize addition or subtraction.  We will build to utilizing positive and negative numbers.  The group will also interpret circle graphs, frequency tables, create frequency tables, review mean (average), identify outliers, compare data points, make stem-and-leaf plots, box-and-whisker plots, and scatter plots.  We will also tie-in with our grocery/restaurant unit for these exercises We are also supplementing with multiplication Touch Math (Skip Counting) and practice work sheets.  Our levels range from 2-digit-by-2-digit multiplication to basic facts.  Several students are utilizing Turbo Math for additional practice. 

Our Basic Equals group will continue "Touch Money".  Students will identify 10 more than given number 20-50, solve subtraction problems to corresponding sums 11-15, 16-20, adding to solve word problems joining 2 groups, subtracting to solve word problems with removal, comparison, missing part of a set, choosing correct operations in a word problem, commutative property of addition, doubles addition up to 18, associative property, adding single-digit numbers, and using calculators to solve 3 number addition.   This may take us to the end of the year.  We continue counting money and telling time.  Some children will work on telling time to the nearest minute and others in 5-minute intervals.  Paper money is now introduced and we are combining bills and coins at your child's level.  We will continue to work on sorting fraction pieces (including halves, thirds, and fourths), defining numerators and denominators, writing fractions and mixed numbers, and proper terminology (thirds, fourths, fifths, etc.).  We will continue to learn about basic measurements used in cooking and see their relation to fractions (e.g. four 1/4 cups is 1 cup).  We are supplementing with addition and subtracting practice (mostly single-digit) and utilize Touch Math, manipulative, and other strategies that work best for your child.  We are also utilizing educational apps for time and money practice, along with play money and clock flash cards.  

Language Arts

We have begun learning about and writing poetry in class.  Your child has already written a limerick and will investigate other types of poems such as song writing.  We will work on this was time permits during the week.   We have also begun reading smaller (one page or less) informational articles and are answering 5 questions which can be answered with direct supporting text.  Therefore, we will also look to have the kids utilize a portion of the question in their answers.

Group A: We will be reading and completing worksheets for the following stories:   

The Snow in the Tent:  (reinforced words)- when, is, the, at, two, o'clock, where, in, are, clown, red, balls, air, blue, on, ground, Why, man, has, a, knife, throws, fast, girl(s), small, truck, laugh, see(s), come, glad, sad, Dad, claps, flies, hard, end

In the Air:  (reinforced words)- the, plane, is, on, ground, Mom, Dad, boy, stairs, where, at, door, walks, into, finds, sits, what, makes, loud, noises, in, sees, clouds, some, yes, a, spoon, eats, tastes, good, talks, down, high, are, safe, end

Single word Why? questions are introduced in thought bubbles.  The constituent structure of the sentence is expanded to include more than one prepositional phrase.  Place and time phrases are used ("to the house at 12 o'clock"); two place phrases are used ("through the hole in the wall").

Your child will complete a 5 question comprehension test with who, what, when, where, and why questions for each story.  If we complete all of the work from both of these stories, we will begin the next book in the series and accompanying materials will be sent home.  Level 2, Book 10:  New Syntax:   Reinforcement and expansion  of syntactic structures are presented in the Red Books and the Blue Books.  Why? in a full sentence is introduced.  Formulaic utterances (greetings, exclamations, etc.) and block language (incomplete sentences in signs, posters, newspapers, etc.) are stressed.  The skills addressed in these stories include: Identifying a word based on the picture, identifying the correctly spelled word, circling the correct phrase, identifying an action based on a picture, writing a correct word to fill in a blank, sequencing, fluency, and comprehension.  We continue to supplement the reading materials with educational apps (Razz Kids, Sight Words, etc.), Read Naturally, and tiles (both single letter and letter blends).  We also utilize Level 1 for Scholastic and Level 1 in Time for Kids.

Group B:  All students will read the story and complete their packets for "Chinese Horoscopes". We will complete "Walt Paints Signs" if time permits.   We will also work on the following skills:  Using context clues, literal comprehension, completing a plot coaster for each story (characters, setting, problem statement, problem solution, and main idea), sequencing, writing a brief letter.   There is also an inferential thinking piece to each set of worksheets.  We also supplement the reading materials with educational apps, Read Naturally, Scholastic Level 3, and Time for Kids Level 3

Group C:  We will read "The Marker Monster" to complete the packet work.   We will work on "The Long Walk" if time permits.  These stories introduce the future tense verb "will".  Future tense verbs using will are introduced.  We will try and do double sessions of our side curriculum when time permits.   The skills addressed in these stories include: Identifying a word based on the picture, identifying the correctly spelled word, circling the correct phrase, identifying an action based on a picture, writing a correct word to fill in a blank, sequencing, fluency, and comprehension.  We continue to supplement the reading materials with educational apps (Razz Kids, Sight Words, etc.), and Read Naturally.  We also utilize Level 1 for Scholastic and Level 1 in Time for Kids.

Spelling words for the week:  This Test will be on Monday, May 22nd.  Last test of the year!

(Group A)  The Show in the Tent:  tents thin, sharp, show, truck, ground

(Group B)  Chinese Horoscopes:  accept, attention, behavior, cheat, determines, horoscope, humor, influence, perfect, rat, rooster

(Group C) In The Long Walk:  bread, kitchen, pepper, knife, bread, oven

Please continue to have your child practice skills in IXL math.  These may include counting money, telling time, adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing, and adding or subtracting fractions and mixed numbers.  A majority of the skills we work on during the year for all students are on IXL.

Please have your child complete a story per week on KidsA-Z (Razz-Kids) and complete the questions.  Your child can also read educational magazines such as Highlights and earn Cutright Cash for completed work.






2016-2017 Start of the Year Information Sheets

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Expectation Night:


The link below for class rules during the 2016/2017 school year.  We will devote the first few weeks of school reviewing the rules and rewarding those that follow them.


Please see the link below regarding our class reward system.  We utilize Cutright Cash as the primary motivator.  Kids can cash in their money daily to obtain prizes listed.



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