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Junior High School
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Mrs. Klein
8th Grade Science - Liberty Jr. High

About Me...

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Most of my students would say that they were afraid of me when they came into my class and loved me within weeks. I am strict but fair, funny, honest, don't give homework, and the kids quickly learn that they can trust me, that I will always help them, and that they are better off when they do things my way.  My curriculum lends itself to real life on a continuous basis which helps to make it relevant to students. I love my work and will miss it when I retire in 4 short years.

Quick Facts...

Years Teaching:


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Favorite Thing About Teaching:

Hanging out with kids all day.


Birdwatching, reading, bargain hunting, entertaining grandchildren


I have 2 children, 4 grandchildren, 5 siblings and a slew of in-laws.

Favorite Book:

Charlotte's Web