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Junior High School
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Mr. Bahret
Math - Liberty Jr. High

April 16, 2020

E-Learning Directive for students:

As we move back to the Digits curriculum through E-Learning, updates for daily assignments will be communicated through Google Classroom. Please login to your GOOGLE CLASSROOM district account to find assignments and resources.  If you have any questions or concerns, email me at jbahret@nlsd122.org .


I'm Mr. Bahret.

teacheravatar2_small.jpeg MyMathLogo2.pngClass MottoMath is so much more than numbers!   In our class, we learn to be Problem Solvers, Logical Thinkers, Predictors, Strategizers, and Deductive Reasoners... LET'S GET SMARTER.

Friendly Reminders for students:

Check your  PowerSchool grades regularly! 


 See Abe for our Weekly Agenda.  


During the Emergency Cancellation Days:

Follow the E-Learning assignments as directed. Feel free to contact me via email with any questions/concerns!

IF YOU ARE ABSENT, reference these resources and stay on track with us on Digits with internet access wherever you are. Notify me with Digits homework issues via email:   jbahret@nlsd122.org

7th Math Review Games

7th Math Review Games

Topic 3 prep -->  Snakes & Ladders Percentage Game


Topic 3 -->  Pirate Percentage Game (Does not work on iPad)


Topic 4 -->  Orbit Integers Addition/Subtraction Game


Topic 5 -->  Integer Warp Multiplication Game


Topic 6 -->  Dog Race Game (Decimals to Fractions)


             -->  Tug-of-War Game (Comparing Fractions)


Topic 7 -->  Millionaire (Combining Like Terms)


Topic 8 -->  2 Step Basketball (Solving Equations)  *Two player game, single iPad


Topic 10 -->  Bunny Angles Estimation Game   

*** Scoreboard: 

1.) Billy Kozicki -->  96!

2.) James Rodriguez --> 82              (Mr. B --> 80 carrots)

3.) Trevor Hon --> 82