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Junior High School
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Mrs. Ferree
7th Grade Social Studies - Liberty Jr. High

AGENDA 5/14-5/18 (Copies of handouts are under the agenda in unit folders)

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Br- 1) What was total war? 2) When & Where did Lee surrender? 

Notes- Effects of the Civil War

Worktime- Gettysburg DBQ Essay- Google Classroom

Hmwk: Finish Gettysburg DBQ Essay- Submit on Google Classroom before next class


BR- Timeline 1863-1865

In Class- Civil War Review Guide

Hmwk: Binder Check next class, Finish Civil War Review Guide


Check Answers for Civil War Review Guide

Grade Binder- Civil War Notes

Civil War Review Game

Hmwk: Study for Civil War Test Blue- 5/21, Red 5/22