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Junior High School
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Mrs. Ferree
7th Grade Social Studies - Liberty Jr. High

AGENDA 4/13-4/24 (Copies of handouts are under the agenda in unit folders)

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A list of your daily E-Learning lessons are listed in you Advisory Google Classroom to access the lessons go to your Subject Area Page. If you are unable to get on Google Classroom there are PDF versions below you can print and email to Mrs. Ferree. 

Monday 4/13- No School

Tuesday 4/14- No Social Studies today

Wednesday 4/15 -E-Learning Social Studies- Early African History

PDF - Early African History- email Mrs. Ferree after complete

Thursday 4/16-No Social Studies today

Friday 4/17- Social Studies Assignment - Traditional Ways of life

PDF Traditional Ways of Life-email Mrs. Ferree when finished so she knows you completed it.

Monday 4/20-No Social Studies today

Tuesday 4/21- Social Studies Assignment - Imperialism to Independence

PDF Version- Imperialism to IndependenceNotes-email Mrs. Ferree after complete

Wednesday 4/22-  No Social Studies today

Thursday 4/23- Social Studies Assignment -Ivory Coast

PDF Version- Ivory Coast Reading, Ivory Coast Questions-email Mrs. Ferree after complete

Friday 4/24- Independent Reading 

Monday 4/27- No Social Studies today

Tuesday 4/28- Social Studies Assignment- Conflicts in Africa

PDF Version- Conflicts in Africa

Wednesday 4/29- No Social Studies today

Thursday 4/30- Social Studies Assignment- Cobalt in the Congo

PDF Version- Cobalt Reading; Cobalt Questions

Friday 5/1- Independent Reading/Catch up day

Monday 5/4- No Social Studies today

Tuesday 5/5- Social Studies Assignment- Africa Review and Wrap Up

PDF Version- Review: Wrap Up

Wednesday 5/6- No Social Studies today

Thursday 5/7- Social Studies Assignment- Causes of the Civil War

PDF Version- Causes Website; Causes Questions; Alternative to video answers-website

Friday 5/8- Independent Reading & Catch up Day

Monday 5/11- No Social Studies today

Tuesday 5/12- Social Studies Assignment- Major Events of the Civil War

PDF Version- Civil War Major Events form; Brain pop; Timeline Website

Wednesday 5/13- No Social Studies today

Thursday 5/14- Social Studies Assignment- Crash Course Civil War Videos

PDF Version- Crash Course Form; Video 1; Video 2

Friday 5/15- Independent reading & Catch Up Day

Monday 5/18- No Social Studies today

Tuesday 5/19- Social Studies "fun" Activity- Take a virtual tour of a Civil War Battlefield- No need to turn anything in just enjoy. 

Website- Civil War Battlefields Virtual Tour

Wednesday 5/20- No Social Studies today

Thursday 5/21- Social Studies "fun" Activity- Play Civil War Rags to Riches Game- No need to turn anything in - Good luck!

Website (Click Play HTML Version) - Civil War Rags to Riches

Friday 5/22- Independent Reading and Catch Up day- Check Powerschool and make sure all your E-Learning Assignments have been completed. Email Mrs. Ferree if you need assistance.