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Junior High School
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Mrs. Glavan
Technology - Liberty Jr. High



I teach 3 different technology classes at Liberty Jr. High.
  • 7th grade Technology Cycle
  • Code, Create and Illustrate
  • Multimedia Production 


In any of my classes, all projects are given a point value. They are graded on content, knowledge of tools, following directions, creativity, grammar, and spelling. Before every project, as a class, we go over each project directions and rubric, so the students know what is expected of them and what they will be graded on. Each project is worth a different point value and weight according to what is expected to be completed.  Check on the right hand side under Class Assignments for the correct class and project.

Missing, Late, or Incomplete Work: 
Students who are absent or don’t complete a project during class, will need to make up that work within a week. It is up to you to ask what you have missed. I am here early nearly every day, and late on Mondays with the yearbook club. If students need to work on a project, they can make arrangements with me to come in early before school. I just need to know ahead of time in case I do have a meeting. I have made this option very clear to all students, and I have encouraged them to take advantage of it. Please continue to check student progress in PowerSchool so that you know if your child needs to complete his or her work. 

7th grade Technology Cycle:
This is a semester class. In this class, the students will be working on projects using the many tools of Microsoft Word, Excel Spreadsheets, PowerPoint, and Keynote. It will also consist of learning Internet safety and searching techniques. These programs are essential for your future. We actually only have 26 days to go through all of the assignments so it is essential that the student keep up with their work.

Code, Create and Illustrate:
The first half of the year we start off using a program called Photoshop Elements along with iPhoto. 
Photoshop Elements works with digital images and even makes animations from the students’ pictures they have created. They will be mastering the many different tools Photoshop Elements has to offer. Along with this class, the students will learn how to properly operate a digital camera, scanner, download pictures, and insert clippings into the program. After Photoshop, the students will be doing some coding/programing using the Ozobot program and Scratch. the Ozobots use color coded markers to move in any way they program them to move.  Scratch is a free download program that works with both PCs and Apple computers. This program is a beginning to programing and is 3-D interactive. We will also, hopefully get to Google Earth and Board Maker.

Multimedia Production:
The students will be learning the different ways Media is presented whether by television, radio, newspaper, computer, or video camera. The students will learn how to use the computer program iMovie. They will then be taking videos and downloading footage from a camcorder, using digital cameras, or a scanner. The iMovie program downloads movies, which the students filmed using the camcorders, then edit into a fabulous movie with music, titles, and transitions.  We will also be learning how to incorporate their own creation of music with the program Garageband into their iMovie or Podcast, along with using a green screen effect to make them look like they are somewhere other than at school. Another part of the class is using a Robotic Program called LEGO Mindstorm. The students will be working with a partner applying their programming and problem-solving skills by constructing and programming a robot to solve challenging maneuvers.