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Junior High School
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Mrs. Glavan
Technology - Liberty Jr. High

Photoshop - Rocky Mountain Directions
                  - Rocky Mountain Rubric
                  - Summer Scene
                  - Summer Scene Rubric
                  - Hands Direction & Rubric
Book Cover
- Book Cover Rubric 
 Revamp Room Directions
                  - Revamp Room Rubric
                  - Fruit Still life
                  - Fruit Rubric
                  - Traveler Magazine Cover & Inside Page
                  - Traveler Magazine Rubric
                  - Theme Park Advertisement
                  - Theme Park Rubric
Out of Bounds Effect
                  - Selfie Collage
Selfie Rubric
                  - Face Art
Photoshop Animations:
                  - Animation #1 Directions
                  - Animation #1 Rubric
                  - Animation #2 Directions with Rubric

Holiday Directions
                  - Holiday Rubric 
New Species

Google Slides - Stop Motion Animation

Using Stykz - Step by Step with Stykz   

Scratch Starting Cards:
         Change Color     Using arrow keys     Follow the mouse
         Using Word bubbles         Moving Animation     Gliding  
Changing costume     Keeping Score  
Tank and Missile      Cloning       Jumping on a Platform

Scratch Animating your Name with Rubric
             Using Backgrounds with Rubric
             - Transportation with Rubric
             - Creating and animating yourself with Rubric
             - Making a Maze with Rubric 
             - Video Game Directions 

CODE.ORGSurvey App
- Survey Rubric

OzoBots:   - OzoBot Village  
- OzoBot Rubric  
OzoBlockly #1

Google Earth: 
                   - Schools Directions          
                   - Schools Rubric

                   - Around the World            
                   - Around the World Rubric

                   - Paul Revere's Ride          
                   - Paul Revere's Ride Rubric

                   - Miniature Golf course         
Golf Course Rubric  

Breakout session