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Junior High School
Picture Missing
Mrs. Glavan
Technology - Liberty Jr. High

 Yearbook Club   

 We usually meet on Mondays. There are also times when you need to stay after school to take pictures of Liberty activities. Your own camera is not a must. There are cameras that you can borrow to take pictures for the yearbook at school. We hope to see you all on staff.

Dates of meetings so far:

September 20th 3:00– 4:00 (Tuesday)
     Talk about what the club will be doing. What upcoming events or sports need to have pictures. Choosing a cover for this year’s yearbook.

September 26th   3:00– 4:00  (Monday)
     Choosing cover and colors. Mr. Brad Nemsick, Yearbook Representative will be here to talk to us.

 October 3rd  3:00– 4:00  (Monday)
     Making a ‘ladder’ of what is needed on each page of the yearbook, choosing fonts and cover pages for each section, and learning how to use the web based program.

October 24th  3:00– 4:00  (Monday)
     Continue learning how to use the web based program and schedule some picture taking dates for clubs and sports

 *****The meetings will be in the computer lab, room 203 with

Mrs. Glavan & Ms. Lavin