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Junior High School
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Mrs. Foster
Life Skills Teacher - Liberty Jr. High

Life Skills Classes

2020-21 Update for Life Skills

This year the district has updated and adopted new elective and cycle classes for the junior highs. Life Skills classes are new and improved and DO NOT repeat from 7th to 8th grade. Liberty and Martino teachers are working together to have as much continuity as appropriate and possible for all junior high students.

All 7th graders will take 3 cycle classes, one per trimester, including Life Skills. 7th grade LS will focus on social skills and social/ emotional development. We will tackle many topics including character, decision making, communication, appropriate social skills, and self-esteem. There will also be lessons on emotional health, including bullying prevention, mental health, suicide prevention, and other important teen topics.

8th graders who choose/ have Encore for their elective will take 3 Encore classes, one per trimester, including Life Skills. However, the 8th grade LS class is new and completely different than the 7th grade class, and will consist of three units of instruction.                                                          We will be doing a unit on Study Skills which will include learning about how we learn, setting goals, taking notes, organization, and test taking tips. We will then do some Career exploration including interviewing, work habits and job skills, as well as looking at options for education and training associated with a variety of occupations. Finally, we will complete a unit on Finance. Here we will introduce basic economics, budgeting and other topics related to managing money.

If you have any questions regarding the Life Skills curriculum, please contact me via email at Kfoster@nlsd122.org. Or you can contact Mr. Street, the principal at Liberty Jr. High.