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Ms. Miller
8th Grade American History

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Civil War

 Study guide (key)    Vocabulary_Civil_War_.pdf

Notes: (key)  Comparing_North_and_South.pdf

Note packet (key)    Civil_War_Notes.pdf

Note packet (blank copy)   Civil_War_notes2016.pdf

Test Study Guide (key)      Civil_War_study_guide.pdf

Reconstruction and the West

Notes Lincoln Assassination (Key)     Lincoln_Assassination.pdf

Vocabulary Study Guide (key)       Vocabulary_-_Reconstruction.pdf

Reconstruction Note Packet (key)       Reconstruction_Notes_2016.pdf

Americans Move West Notes (key)        Americans_Move_West_2016.pdf

How to go West article and worksheet          How_to_go_West_.pdf

Study Guide Reconstruction & the West (key)      Study_Guide_Reconstruction__The_West.pdf

American Industrial Revolution, Immigration, and Imperialism

Study guide Vocabulary (Key) -    Vocabulary_Am._Ind._Rev..pdf

Note Packet Am. Ind. Rev. -     Notes-_Am.Ind.Rev..pdf

Note Packet (Key) Am. Ind. Rev. -   Notes_Key_-_Am.Ind.Rev..pdf

Note Packet Immigration -       Immigration_packet.pdf

Note Packet Immigration (Key) -     immigration_packet_.pdf

Ellis Island Reading and Worksheet -        Ellis_Island_2016.pdf

Note Packet Imperialism -           Imperialism_packet.pdf

Note Packet Imperialism (Key) -        Imperialism_note_packet_.pdf

Test Study Guide (Key) -               study_guide_Reshaping_nation_2015.pdf

World War 1

Vocabulary study guide -     Vocabulary_WW1_key.pdf

World War 1 note packet -      World_War_1_Notes.pdf

World War 1 note packet (key) -     World_War_1_notes_key.pdf

Study Guide Key     study_guide_WW1_2017.pdf

1920s & 1930s

Vocabulary study guide (key):   vocabulary_20s__30s_.pdf

1920s (The Roaring Twenties) note packet:   1920s_note_packet.pdf

1920s (The Roaring Twenties) note packet (key):  20s_note_packet_key.pdf

World War II and 1940s

Notes  -   WW_II_note_packet.pdf

Notes (Key)    WW_II_note_packet_key.pdf

Notes:   WWII_Packet.pdf

Notes (Key):