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7th Grade Language Arts - Liberty Jr. High

Agenda and Classroom Handouts

Here is where you can find EXTRAS of any assignments for class, homework, and anything else that may be helpful for you in case you 'misplace' the original copy I gave you! Please feel free to print extra copies in the event that you 'misplace' yours.

Also included is our weekly agenda and look ahead to future curriculum updates.

In the event that you misplace the link for Edmodo, GoogleClassroom, or any web quests that we might be participating in, that will also be included here. 


Weekly Agenda

Here is the weekly agenda: January

Monday 15-   NONE ------ NO SCHOOL

Tuesday 16-  NONE ------- 'Diagramming' Group Project (over lessons 1-9)

Wednesday 17-  NONE --------  'Diagramming' Group Project time (over lessons 1-9), Presentations

Thursday 18- NONE  --------   'Diagramming' Group Project time (over lessons 1-9), Presentations

Friday 19-  NONE ------ Final Diagramming test (review over lessons 1-9)

**Homework is in BLUE

**Daily Classroom Work is in Grey


Here is a look ahead:


-Compare/Contrast Essay due Tuesday, Jan. 16th

-Diagramming Review over Lessons 1-9 (Group Projects)



-Unit 1 of Pearson has been completed and assessed on 10/27/17.

-Unit 3 ( we are skipping unit 2 to begin "A Christmas Carol") begins on Monday, December 4th.

-Unit 2 will begin Monday, Jan. 29th.


**Winter AIMS testing has been completed.


Remind 101 - Googleclassroom - Edmodo - Webquest Link

1.   "The Giver" WebQuest Link-  http://www.elainefitzgerald.com/utopia/
*Please copy and paste the above link.
2.  "A Christmas Carol" WebQuest Link-

Social Classes
*Please copy and paste the above links. 


***Students are already established into their Google Classroom accounts, this year.

1. EDMODO Linkhttps://nlsd.edmodo.com 

-Here is a handout of how to sign up for Edmodo

***Edmodo will not be used the first trimester.

1. Remind 101- Please see me for the document that explains how to access your LA class and sign up for Remind.

Classroom setups are as follows:
LA Block 1/9
LA Block 2/9
LA Block 4/5, 13
LA Block 7/14

Printable / Downloadable Classroom Handouts for Grammar

Ongoing Classroom Handouts:


-Here are all of the parts-of-speech we cover, along with their form, and function


Current Classroom Handouts:

Printable / Downloadable Classroom Handouts for Writing

Current Classroom Handouts:



Ongoing Classroom Handouts:



-This is a reminder of how to format an essay into GoogleClassroom

Printable / Downloadable Classroom Handouts for Literature

On-Going Handouts:


-A list of all of the seventh grade literature terms and their definitions


-A printable document to make flashcards of the literary terms


-The advanced and regular 7th grade plot coaster sheet


-Notice and Note Fiction reading strategies on a Bookmark


-A packet outlining the describing of the Notice and Note Fiction reading strategy


Current Classroom Handouts: