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Junior High School
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Mrs. Zettergren
8th grade Math - Liberty Jr. High

About Me...

 Staff PhotoI have a passion to make math fun and interesting; I want every child to be successful in math. As a child, I worked hard to get good math grades, I was not a "natural" at the subject.  Then in High School, I had an amazing teacher. He opened my eyes into the math world. I was taught that math was everywhere and it was interesting.  I discovered the world of numbers and never wanted to stop learning math.  I want to be that inspirational teacher for all my students.  It is true that every child can love math and be successful!  My top priority is to encourage all students to TRY at math.  If we change our words...we change our mindset.

Quick Facts...

Years Teaching:


Graduated From:

Eastern Illinois University and 
Benedictine University

Favorite Thing About

I love making math fun and interesting.




Married with three children, Katrina, Jocelyn, and Dominic

Favorite Book:

Heaven is for Real