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Junior High School
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Mr. Street
Principal - Liberty Jr. High


 I have bStaff Photoeen a part of the New Lenox School District 122 family for the past 23 years, starting as a social studies teacher at Martino Junior High School in 1997.  I was lucky enough to move to Liberty when it opened in 2002, serving as assistant principal for the first four years of its existence.  In 2006, I was presented with the opportunity to be the first principal of Spencer Crossing Intermediate School.  Things went “full circle” as I returned to Liberty as principal in 2012.  It has been a privilege to work with the students and staff of these fantastic schools throughout the years and it is an honor to serve as Liberty’s principal.  I look forward to meeting this year’s group of new students and having an outstanding school year.

Quick Facts...


Bachelor of Science, Illinois State University, 1993

Master of Science in Education, Northern Illinois University, 2001