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Nelson Prairie
Elementary School
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Mr. Hammond
Physical Eduation - Nelson Prairie

About Me...

 Staff PhotoSince I could remember, I loved P.E. class. I loved it so much, that my senior year in high school, I took 2 P.E. classes and decided to make it my career! The best part about my job is that the students get to come to me and learn different skills and how to live a happy, healthy life! In class, the students get to see me sing, dance, and act like a kid. The students know that I'm structured, but can be a lot of fun!

What You Need For Class

P.E. Shoes (No sandals, dress shoes, crocs, etc.)

Doctors Note if a student needs to sit out

Shoe tying - Please work with your child on tying their shoes. I will practice in class and show different ways to tie shoes.

Quick Facts...

Years Teaching:

This is my 7th year teaching and my 5th year at Nelson Prairie

Started Working at NLSD:



I have an amazing wife, Erin, and an 11 month old son, Carson. We also have a yellow lab and cat.

Favorite Thing About Teaching:

What I love most about my job is watching the kids. Seeing first grade students come into the building and watching them grow in second and third grade. The students really make my job fun! I enjoy making the kids laugh and teaching them skills that they will hopefully use as they get older. 

Graduated From:

Eastern Illinois University


I love being outside during the summer! If I'm not working in the yard, you can find me playing sand volleyball, golfing, or taking the dog out for a hike! One of my favorite hobbies is wood working and building things. I love to watch movies, go out to dinner with friends, and camp fires! I also love spending time with my family on weekends and going on vacation with them!

Favorite Book:

American Sniper