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Nelson Prairie
Elementary School
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Mr. Hammond
Physical Education - Nelson Prairie

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Welcome to Mr. Hammond’s P.E. class! I’m very excited to start my second year at Nelson Prairie as the P.E. teacher! In this note you will find what your child needs for class, units, events, and contact information. 

What Your Child Needs:

 On your child’s P.E. days, they will need to bring their P.E. shoes! If your student wears sandals, boots, flats, or anything other than gym shoes, please make sure that they have a pair of clean P.E. shoes in their book bag. If your student does wear boots, sandals, etc. they will have to sit out of P.E. class for that day.

 Injuries and illness’ happen throughout the year. If your child is too sick to participate in class, please write a note to excuse them from class for that day. If your child is injured, please have a doctor write a note, excusing them of class. When your child is ready to come back to class, the nurse, and I will need a note releasing them back into my class.


During the school year, we will be in many units focusing on sportsmanship, fitness, teamwork, and skills. Some of the units that we will be doing are…

Soccer                                     Fitness

Basketball                              Paddle and Ball

Volleyball                               Small Equipment

Football                                  Bowling                     

T-Ball                                      Throwing and Catching


JUMP ROPE FOR HEART: In February the 3rd grade students will be participating in our annual Jump Rope For Heart event! This is a great event where the students raise money for the American Heart Association. At the end of raising money, the students have a jump rope event that takes place in the morning! Last year, we raised over $10,400 for the American Heart Association!

HOWL FOR YOUR HEALTH: This is a fitness event that is done through the Chicago Wolves hockey team! This event is done during the months of November, December and the beginning of January! In this event, the students will be focusing on 4 exercises (push-ups, sit-ups, shuttle run, sit-and-reach). I will test the students at the very beginning and work on those exercises throughout the time of the event. At the end, if the student improves 3 out of 4 fitness scores, they will receive a free ticket voucher to a Chicago Wolves hockey game. More information will be coming out about this event later in the year.

FIELD DAY: This is an end of the year event where students are able to participate in some of their favorite activities that we did during the year! This is a great way to end the year and have the entire school outside at one time! More info to come later!


Mr. Hammond