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Nelson Prairie
Elementary School
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Mrs. Anzalone
2nd Grade - Nelson Prairie

Please look below to find a variety of helpful interactive websites that your child may utilize to reinforce his/her spelling, reading, math, science, and social studies skills.  These sites, as well as many others, can be accessed through our school home page under "Internet Favorites".  These websites add to the curriculum that is taught throughout the school year.

Connect Ed: Online edition of Everyday Math book.  You may also access the reference book, e-tool- kit, lesson pages, homework, and ED games.

     Username:  122 plus first and last name (ex:122karenanzalone)
     Password:   nlsd plus ID number ( ex:nlsd12345)

Reflex Math


Students can practice math facts.

     Username: kanzalone
     Password:  nlsd plus password number

Spelling City:


Play games using the Ready Get phonics words

You do not need a username or password.  Just click on one of the word lists.

Raz Kids:


Stories to read at guided reading level.

     Username: npanza
     Password:  nlsd plus ID number 

Storyline Online


Listen to stories read aloud.

You do not need a username or password.  Just click on the story you want to listen to.

Pebble Go


Username:  prairie

Password:   animals