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Nelson Prairie
Elementary School
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Mrs. Anzalone
2nd Grade - Nelson Prairie


Reading/Math Log:  Every Monday your child will bring home a reading and math log.  The goal for your child is to read for a total of 100 minutes and practice their math facts for 25 minutes each week.  For reading, the students may practice their story for the module or any other reading material at home.  For math, facts can be practiced by using flashcards or by trying one of the online websites.  An adult should initial the completed log along with the total number of minutes that were completed.  

   ~Click to download our weekly log to keep on hand~~~~Reading_and_Math_Log.pdf

Literacy: Your child should practice their Vocabulary Words (White packet) that are sent home with each reading module.  They should be able to read the words as well as know their meaning.  Your child will be assessed on these words at the end of each reading module (about every 3-4 weeks).  Please use the weekly newsletter (sent home on Fridays) to guide which words to review at home.  

Your child will also be bringing home their High Frequency Word List (Green sheet).  Your child should be able to recognize these words, without sounding them out, within three seconds.  Your child will be assessed on these words once you send back the form stating that they are ready.  Once passed, I will send home the next list.  (There are six lists in all).

In addition, your child should be practicing their Phonics/Spelling Words (yellow sheet) and applying the phonics skill that they know in order to read and spell the words.  The phonics skill changes about every week and a half. Again, please refer to weekly newsletter to help you to know the skill being focused on in class.  Your child will be assessed on spelling 12 of the 15 phonics words after each skill focus comes to a close.  For example, in Unit 3 Module A we focus on "plurals" during lessons 1-5.  Upon completion of the final lesson on plurals, your child will be assessed on 12 of the 15 words included on that particular Phonics/Spelling Word List.  

For a "refrigerator copy" of the information above, click to download a literacy reference guide to keep on hand---ReadyGen_Quick_Reference_Guide_2.pdf

Math:   Your child will also be bringing home math home links on a daily basis (beginning with lesson 1-11)  These home links reinforce the concepts taught in class.  They should be completed and returned the following day. We will go over the answers in class together.  If there is ever a time your child has trouble with the home link, please write a note on the homework and I will go over it with your child.

I realize that many of the students have after school activities and other obligations.  I do not want to stress any students out from homework.  I also know sometimes things happen and come up that we can not control.  If this happens, just send a note or email letting me know and your child can turn their homework in the next day.  Thank you!!!