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Nelson Prairie
Elementary School
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Mrs. Mistro
2nd Grade - Nelson Prairie

We use many different websites throughout our school year. I have posted some of them here as an easy way to access them. Students have been given log-in information to any sites that need user names and passwords.

Khan Academy - This is a site we use to practice math skills.

Reflex Math - This is the site we use to practice math fact fluency.

Epic! - This is a reading site we use for practicing our reading and having books chosen to go with our interests.

Time Machine - This is a game to practice telling time.

Raz-Kids - We use this tool for reading practice.

Everyday Math - This is the site for everything related to our Everyday Math materials.

Nelson Prairie Internet Favorites - This will link you to our Nelson Prairie webpage of favorite internet sites. 

Webonauts - This link will take you to a PBS kids game on internet safety and appropriate use.


iditarod.com - This is a site for all things Iditarod. We may be following this dog sled race in March!

Decorah Eagles - This site will take you to an online camera set up to view a pair of bald eagles in Deborah, Iowa. We will watch as they prepare their nest, take care of the eggs, and hatch their babies. We will then be able to watch the young eaglets grow up! Side Note: Due to the nature of this project, everything is strictly natural, mostly without human intervention. The eagles may or may not use this particular nest from year to year, so we watch to see what happens! :-)