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Nelson Prairie
Elementary School
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Mrs. Losacco
3rd Grade - Nelson Prairie

 Weekly News

April 3
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for the week of April 3rd          

READING: Lesson 25  The Robodogs of Greenville
                                     Focus skill – review sequence and cause and effect

PHONICS: review prefixes, schwa /e/, and vowel variants (-oo, -ew, -ue, -ui, -o, -augh,
                   -ough, -aw, -al)

GRAMMAR: present-tense, past-tense, and future-tense verbs
                     the verb be, main verbs and helping verbs

MATH: measure to the nearest ¼ inch, extended facts, finding factor pairs

SCIENCE: habitats

                                                                                                                                                                             OTHER NEWS

Please practice 12s multiplication facts. Students will be tested on Thursday, April 13th.

Mon., April 3                Opening Day - Wear your favorite team jersey.

Tues., April 4

Wed., April 5                Wear ORANGE for FAIRNESS

Thurs., April 6              Wheelchair basketball game at Nelson Prairie 6:00pm

Fri., April 7                   Library books are due. 

                                                               Phone: 815-462-2874
                                                        E-mail: glosacco@nlsd122.org