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Nelson Ridge
Intermediate School
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Mrs. Swiech
Specialized Instruction - Nelson Ridge

Unit Beginning 2/27/17 in Reading/LA:

4th Graders:

Story: "Unlikely Partners"

Spelling Focus: Closed Syllables and VCV words

Vocabulary: predators, traits, avoid, resembles, mimic, lure, obvious, deceptive

Grammar: Common and Proper Nouns, Singular and Plural Nouns

Reading Skills-Cause and Effect

Writing: Cause and Effect Paragraphs, Conventions, Expository Text


6th Graders:

Story: "The Arctic Ocean: A Changing Sea" and "Sea Trip: Exploring a Coral Reef"

Vocabulary: adjust, residents, specimens, recoil, pesky, debris, internal

Grammar: Singular and Plural Nouns

Reading Skills-Review of Compare and Contrast/Cause and Effect 

Writing: Expository Writing Lessons, Compare and Contrast Compositions