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Nelson Ridge
Intermediate School
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Mrs. Kueltzo
6th Grade Math, Science,
and Social Studies - Nelson Ridge

6th Grade Math - Pearson Digits

Unit A: Expressions & Equations

Topic 1:  Variables & Expressions

Topic 2: Equivalent Expressions

Topic 3: Equations & Inequalities

Topic 4: Two-Variable Relationships

Unit B: Number System, Part 1

Topic 5:  Multiplying Fractions

Topic 6: Dividing Fractions

Unit C: Number System, Part 2

Topic 7:  Fluency with Decimals

Topic 8: Integers

Topic 9: Rational Numbers

Unit D: Ratios & Proportional Relationships

Topic 10:  Ratios

Topic 11: Rates

Topic 12: Ratio Reasoning

Unit E: Geometry

Topic 13:  Area

Topic 14: Surface Area and Volume

Unit F: Statistics

Topic 15:  Data Displays

Topic 16: Measures of Center and Variation