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Nelson Ridge
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Mrs. Deckinga
4th Grade Reading & Language Arts - Nelson Ridge


PLEASE NOTE: All tests and quizzes are noted in the 'Academic Updates' section in red print. The information below is for the subjects MRS. DECKINGA teaches. Please see your child's Math/Science/Social Studies teacher's webpage for their important information.

 Fourth Grade Room 114


Weekly Updates for April 16-27

  • ART week 4/16-4/20; MUSIC weeks 4/23-4/27
  • Ice cream sold at lunch for $1 every Tuesday and Thursday for the year!


  • April 16-20: Hadley O. 
  • April 23-27: Ryan B.


  • Ethan M. - March 27


  • Respect Pillar Award Winner: ASHLEY W.
  • Responsibility Pillar Award Winner: NICHOLAS V.
  • Caring Pillar Award Winner: SOPHIA A.
  • Fairness Pillar Award Winner: ETHAN M.
  • Trustworthiness Pillar Award Winner: KAITLYN B.
  • Citizenship Pillar Award Winner: 



  • Grammar: comparing with adjectives
  • Writing: word choice and vivid details, voice, accurate words and phrases, organization, narrative forms
  • Spelling: Skill: words with irregular plurals and possessives. NO SPELLING TEST FOR THIS UNIT.
  • Use IXL for more practice with skills. See "Site Hub" page for login information. Newest skill(s) listed first:
      1. Narrative Forms: Z.2
      2. Common and Proper Nouns: B.1-B.4
      3. Adjectives: E.1-E.3, F.1-F.3, F.5, F.10-F.12
      4. Plural Nouns: B.5-B.10
      5. Pronouns: C.1-C.4, C.6-C.9
      6. Author's Purpose and Perspective: V.3, V.4
      7. Prepositional Phrases: G.1-G.4
      8. Simple/compound sentences: A.8, A.9, H.1, H.2
      9. Prefixes/Suffixes/Roots: N.1-N.11
      10. Character Traits and Motivations: Y.1-Y.3
      11. Capitalization: K.1-K.6, M.1-M.5
      12. Compound Subjects/predicates: A.8, A.9, H.1, H.2
      13. Subjects/Predicates: A.2, A.3, A.4
      14. Sentence Fragments: A.5, A.6, A.7, A.10, A.11
      15. Sentence Types: A.1
      16. Synonyms/Antonyms: Q.1-Q.6

* Our class goes to specials every morning from 7:45-8:15.

BLOCK 1: LRC (Library) will be on THURSDAYS at 8:30 am

BLOCK 2: LRC (Library) will be on THURSDAYS at 12:15 pm


  • Story: "Juan Verdades: The Man Who Couldn't Tell a Lie," pages 498-515
  • Vocabulary: magnificent, insisted, declared, confidently, distressed, gloated, anxiously 
  • Skill: theme, narrative forms, writing answers to questions in complete sentences using TTQA, "Turn The Question Around."
  • Lesson 19 TEST on story, vocabulary, reading skills, and Grammar skill on Friday 4/20.
  • Use QUIZLET to practice vocabulary. See "Site Hub" for directions.
  • Daily practice fluency sheets will go home Monday, 4/16. Students should practice this for ONE MINUTE EVERY DAY. Practicing more than once a day is even better! Fluency hot scores (score after practicing) will be assessed on FRIDAY, 4/27.

Contact Information: (815) 462-2870 or edeckinga@nlsd122.org