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Nelson Ridge
Intermediate School
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Mrs. Deckinga
4th Grade Reading & Language Arts - Nelson Ridge


PLEASE NOTE: All tests and quizzes are noted in the 'Academic Updates' section in red print. The information below is for the subjects MRS. DECKINGA teaches. Please see your child's Math/Science/Social Studies teacher's webpage for their important information.

 Fourth Grade Room 114


Weekly Updates for January 8-19, 2018

  • ART weeks
  • Ice cream sold at lunch for $1.00 every Tuesday and Thursday for the year!
  • Miles of Smiles is coming up on February 2nd.  We will still accept the permission slips so there is still time, if any child would like participate in this FREE service.


  • Dec. 11-15: Branden Newell
  • Jan 15-19: Kyle Woods


  • Branden N.-January 11


  • Respect Pillar Award Winner: ASHLEY W.
  • Responsibility Pillar Award Winner: NICHOLAS V.
  • Caring Pillar Award Winner: SOPHIA ARIZZI
  • Fairness Pillar Award Winner: 
  • Trustworthiness Pillar Award Winner: 
  • Citizenship Pillar Award Winner: 



  • Grammar: prepositional phrases
  • Writing: word choice and vivid details, voice, accurate words and phrases, organization
  • Spelling: Lesson 8 pretest on Monday 1/8. Skill: words with VCCV (different medial consonants). See Site Hub for access to spelling practice activities. Lesson 8 Test on FRIDAY, 1/19. Extra Credit words: terminals, costumes, curtail, version, tonsils
  • Use IXL for more practice with skills. See "Site Hub" page for login information. Newest skill(s) listed first:
      1. Prepositional Phrases: G.1-G.4
      2. Simple/compound sentences: A.8, A.9, H.1, H.2
      3. Prefixes/Suffixes/Roots: N.1-N.11
      4. Character Traits and Motivations: Y.1-Y.3
      5. Capitalization: K.1-K.6, M.1-M.5
      6. Compound Subjects/predicates: A.8, A.9, H.1, H.2
      7. Subjects/Predicates: A.2, A.3, A.4
      8. Sentence Fragments: A.5, A.6, A.7, A.10, A.11
      9. Sentence Types: A.1
      10. Synonyms/Antonyms: Q.1-Q.6

* Our class goes to specials every morning from 7:45-8:15.

BLOCK 1: LRC (Library) will be on THURSDAYS at 8:30 am

BLOCK 2: LRC (Library) will be on THURSDAYS at 12:15 pm


  • Story: "Three Little Cyberpigs," pages 216-223
  • Vocabulary: slick, nimble, impressed, cease, exist, fierce
  • Skill: author's purpose and perspective (PIE), locate information, compare/contrast, writing answers to questions in complete sentences using TTQA, "Turn The Question Around."
  • Lesson 8 TEST on story, vocabulary, reading skills, and Grammar skills on Friday 1/12.
  • PARCC practice 
  • Use QUIZLET to practice vocabulary. See "Site Hub" for directions.
  • Daily practice fluency sheets will go home Monday, 1/8. Students should practice this for ONE MINUTE EVERY DAY. Practicing more than once a day is even better! Fluency hot scores (score after practicing) will be assessed on FRIDAY, 1/19.

Contact Information: (815) 462-2870 or edeckinga@nlsd122.org