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Nelson Ridge
Intermediate School
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Mrs. Liescke
6th Grade
Math, Science, and Social Studies
Nelson Ridge

Week of 5/15/17 - 5/19/17


Math:  We are working our way through our Data Displays topic.  We are going through a lesson a day to ensure we cover all material before the year ends.  Students will get a refresher on Histograms and learn how to make and interpret Box Plots this week.  We will also go through a lesson on how to look at data and determine which type of display is most appropriate.  We will review the entire topic hopefully on Friday.

Science:  Students are working as engineers on their Gravity Cruisers.  Each team will make decisions on what material and how to construct their toy.  The goal is to have their Cruiser travel at least 3 meters when fully constructed.  This week we will finish construction on the chassis and wheel & axles and construct the tower and lever of the Cruiser.  

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** 6th Grade Expectations PowerPoint

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