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Nelson Ridge
Intermediate School
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Mrs. Liescke
6th Grade
Math, Science, and Social Studies
Nelson Ridge

Week of 9/17/18 - 9/21/18


Math:  Due to the half-day, morning band, and it being the first test, some students did not finish the Topic 1 test on Friday, so we will finish that up Monday.  I will also review long division (with zeros in the quotient and decimals) with them.  On Tuesday we will then start Topic 2: Algebraic Properties.  I hope to cover lessons 1-1: Identity & Zero Properties and 1-2: Commutative Property this week.  

Students have been working in smaller groups in math the past week.  I hope to individual a bit more as I get to know the students and where their strengths and weaknesses are in math.  In groups students will practice their basic multiplication and division facts with Reflex (an online game-based tool that you can use at home too!).  Students have also been working on their Order of Operations skills, starting their homework or working on other curriculum skills in group.  This week we will start practicing with PARCC questions as well.


Science:  We will continue with our study of matter this week.  We will review the quiz that was taken last Thursday and move into how matter moves through different states.  Many of the kids did not know about the fourth state of matter, plasma, that we will cover this week.  We will also start investigating physical and chemical changes.  

Most of the time in class we are working in various different sources to get our information (such as nearpod, handout articles, and/or other websites).  The information taught correlates with the material found in our textbook.  This section is found in Chapter 13, Lesson 2.  



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