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Nelson Ridge
Intermediate School
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Mrs. Liescke
6th Grade
Math, Science, and Social Studies
Nelson Ridge

Week of 11/13/17 - 11/17/17 

Math:  We will review lesson 4-1 and go through lesson 4-2: Analyzing Patterns with Tables & Graphs this week.  In these lessons we will explore real life examples on how variables can represent relationships between two situations.  We will go through the online lessons, practice, take notes, and practice with homework.     

*We also begin or end our day with a Bell Ringer.  These are little exercises that touch on basic, review, or sometime new math concepts.  Usually this practice has nothing to do with the current topic we are working on, but is good to keep sharp on various math skills and spiraling activities that help with different parts of math.  Some the activities we will do are: Minute Math, PARRCC practice, multiplication/division practice, prodigy, IXL, reflex math, and others.  

Science:  Students will review compounds and mixtures this week by doing a lab on the physical characteristics of substances.  We will play a review trivia game and students are scheduled to take their Lesson 3 quiz on Thursday.  

Social Studies:  We will take a break from social studies this week to finish up science before break. 


** 6th Grade Expectations PowerPoint

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** Please remember to check your student's assignment notebook as needed!