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Nelson Ridge
Intermediate School
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Mrs. Liescke
6th Grade
Math, Science, and Social Studies
Nelson Ridge

Week of 3/18/19 - 3/22/19

 ** All activities and assignments are tentative and projected. **

Math:  We will wrap up Topic 8 this week with reviewing and practicing coordinate grid with 8-4 homework.  We will then look at how to use distance with the coordinate grid in lesson 8-5.  We will have a day to review in class and then take our Topic 8 test on Friday.    

* In my class I have the students reach 100% fluency with the Reflex program (0-12 multiplication & division).  Then they are allowed to practice with Prodigy.  It is a Common-Core skilled based program.  I will be using the Aimsweb reports to individualize the practice on Prodigy in areas which they scored lowest on Aims.   


  • Monday: 8-4 hw
  • Wednesday: 8-5 hw
  • Friday: Topic 8 Test

Students will usually be working in small groups in class.  I hope to individual a bit more as I get to know the students and where their strengths and weaknesses are in math.  In groups students will practice their basic multiplication and division facts with Reflex (an online game-based tool that you can use at home too!), curriculum skills with Prodigy(also usable at home!), math magazines, and other various review and pre-view skill work.   

Science:  We will take a break from science this week to finish up our Big 6 projects!!!

Big 6:  Students will be organizing their notecards on Monday in class.  These will be their body paragraphs for their paper.  On Tuesday we will use an organizer to construct our intro and conclusion paragraphs.  Wednesday we will work on our bibliography and Thursday and Friday we will be typing our papers.  Hoping to be finished by the end of class on Friday so I can have a fun spring breaking grading these!!!  If more typing time is needed however, that will be ok.  


  • Monday:  Organize notecards
  • Tuesday:  Intro & Conclusion paragraphs
  • Wednesday:  Bibliography
  • Friday:  Finished paper!  

** Please note that in science and social studies we usually do not work directly from the textbook.  All our activities and learning go along and correlate with the text though.  

** 6th Grade Expectations PowerPoint



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     - Please note that book orders are placed about 3-4 times a year.  There is a minimum amount when ordering so the shipping fee is waived.  Please look for paper book orders to come home before placing orders online.  


** Please remember to check your student's assignment notebook as needed!