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Nelson Ridge
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Mrs. Kyriacopoulos
4th Grade Language Arts - Nelson Ridge

Mrs. Kyriacopoulos

Fourth Grade

Room 111


Weekly Updates for April 24-28, 2017:

  • MUSIC Week 
  • We will attend a band concert at Liberty Jr. High in the morning (8:15-10:15) on Friday, April 28th.  
  • Earth Day Field Trip!  We will attend the movies (AMC Theater) on Thursday, April 27th (9:15-11:45).  Lunch will be at school upon our return.  
  • Friday, April 28:  STAFF vs. STUDENT Basketball Game (2-3 pm) in the Gym.  Come out and cheer on your teachers for the WIN!      
  • Ice cream sold at lunch for $1.00 every Tuesday and Thursday for the year!

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images-1.jpgUpcoming Student Birthdaysimages-1.jpg

Brooke---April 17


Character Pillar of the Month: C I T I Z E N S H I P 

Respect Pillar Award Winner:  Brooke L.  
Responsibility Award Winner:  Sam H. 
Caring Award Winner:  Ava S.   
Fairness Award Winner:  Derek P.  
Trustworthy Award Winner:  Gianna V.  
Citizenship Award Winner:  


Academic Updates:


Skill:  Characters, Setting, Plot Events    

Robust Vocabulary Words: confound, gracious, miserable, ominous, beams, self-assurance, exposed, monitor, looming, installed 

See link below for Quizlet activities and games for this week's robust vocabulary words. Be sure to click on the appropriate lesson number for the correct words of the week!

Quizlet:  online review/games for vocabulary practice 


For ease of finding the lessons, copy and paste the link below (or search quizlet.com for Kyriacopoulos) https://quizlet.com/Kyriacopoulos/folders/story-town

Story: click link for ebook Story Town book  Lesson 20:  The Case of the Too Hot Apple Cider  

Reading Test on story & robust vocabulary words will be on Friday, April 21


BLOCK 1: LRC (Library) will be on THURSDAYS at 9:50 am

BLOCK 2: LRC (Library) will be on THURSDAYS at 12:50 pm

Grammar:  verbs (action and linking)  

Writing:  tall tale/folktale/fairy tale writing 

Spellingsee link Spelling Word Lists  See Lesson 21 Spelling List (suffixes -ant, -ent, -eer, -ist, -ian)  **Lesson 21 Spelling Test on Friday, April 28**   

Challenge Words:  puppeteer, occupant, technician, relevant, pertinent  

Please use online link below for Quizlet activities and games, or Spelling City, that will help with this week's spelling words. Be sure to click on the appropriate lesson number for the correct words for the week!
Quizlet:  Online games for spelling review
Spelling City

Click link for WONDEROPOLIS
Click link for Tour of the 50 States
Click link for Brain Pop! 


1. Reading:  What is THEME?  How can you determine the THEME in a story?  

2. Language Arts:  Describe the purpose of an ADJECTIVE.  What questions do adjectives answer about nouns?  What are comparative and superlative adjectives?    

Contact Information: (815) 462-2870 ext. 5354 or kkyriacopoulos@nlsd122.org