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Nelson Ridge
Intermediate School
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Mrs. Clark
5th Grade Reading and
Language Arts - Nelson Ridge



Click here on the Grammar Glossary to find out the meaning of grammatical words!

Fifth Grade Grammar Skills

Lesson 1/2  Kinds of Sentences

Lesson 3/4  Subject and Predicate

Subjects / Predicates

Lesson 6  Compound Sentences


Compound Sentences


Lesson 7  Simple/Compound Subjects and


Lesson 8  Prepositional Phrases


Lesson 9  Complex Sentences

Complex Sentences

Subordinate Conjunctions

Lesson 11 Common and Proper Nouns                                                     
Lesson 12  Singular and Plural Nouns
Lesson 13  Possessive Nouns  
Lesson 14  Pronouns and Antecedents

Lesson 16  Subjective / Objective Pronouns

Lesson 17  Possessive / Reflexive Pronouns

Lesson 18  Adjectives and Articles
Lesson 19  Main and Helping Verbs
Lesson 21  Action and Linking Verbs

Lesson 22  Present Tense: Sub/Verb Agreement

Lesson 23  Past and Future Tenses
Lesson 24  Perfect Tenses
Lesson 26  Irregular Verbs
Lesson 27  Contractions
Lesson 28  Adverbs
Lesson 29  Punctuation



Parts of Speech Practice

        Sentence Surgeon