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Nelson Ridge
Intermediate School
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Mrs. Ruffetti
5th Grade Language Arts - Nelson Ridge


Mrs. Dobrich Ruffetti's
5th Grade ELA Class!

Please feel free to contact me at any time by email if you have any questions, comments, or concerns. 

I am working remotely, so I will NOT have access to my phone at the school building.

School Phone: 462-2870 Ext. 6305 (Unavailable)

Helpful Links:

Google Classroom

Students will be expected to complete homework assignments on their Google Classroom accounts. 
To access Google Classroom:

1. Click on the NLSD Student Technology Portal "single sign-in" app on your student ipad.
2. Click on “Log in with SAML” and it will go directly to the Student Technology Portal. 
3. Click on Google Classroom. 

Email: firstlastname@students.nlsd122.org

Password: nlsdIDNUMBER



Pearson Realize

Our reading texts from Pearson Realize are available online. 
Students must log into their accounts through the NLSD Student Technology Portal.

Login: 122firstlastname@nlsd
Password: nlsdID#

Read Theory