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Nelson Ridge
Intermediate School
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Mrs. Scanlon
Special Education Teacher - Nelson Ridge


How to Access Everyday Math Resources:
1. Click the textbook above.
2. Enter username and password.
Username: 122firstnamelastname
Password: nlsd5digitID 

Everyday Math Units:
Unit 1 - Place Value; Multidigit Addition and Subtraction

Unit 2 - Multiplication & Geometry

Unit 3 - Fractions & Decimals

Unit 4 - Multidigit Multiplication

Unit 5 - Fraction & Mixed Number Computation; Measurement

Unit 6 - Division; Angles

Unit 7 - Multiplication of a Fraction by a Whole Number; Measurement

Unit 8 -  Fraction Operations; Applications

Everyday Math (EDM4) Homelinks, Resources and Information: