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4th Grade Math, Science,
and Social Studies - Nelson Ridge

Online Textbook Directions

How to Acces the Textbook Online:
1. Click the textbook above.
2. Enter your username and password.
Username: 5digitID
3. Click on "Pearson Courses."
4. Click the link for the social studies textbook.
5. In the top right corner, click "text."  Then, click the arrow.


search:  trick3
Look for the chapter you would like to study.

Chapter 1: Geography of the United States 
Chapter 1 Quizlet Vocabulary Practice
Chapter 1 Quizlet Review 

Chapter 2: Americans and their History
Chapter 2 Quizlet Vocabulary Practice
Chapter 2 Quizlet Review 

Chapter 3: Government in the United States

Chapter 4: The Nation's Economy

Chapter 5: Regions: The Northeast
Northeast States & Capitals 
Chapter 5 Vocabulary Practice 
Chapter 5 Quizlet Review

Chapter 6: Regions: The Southeast
Southeast States & Capitals
Chapter 6 Vocabulary Practice

Chapter 6 Quizlet Review 

Chapter 7: Regions: The Midwest
Midwest States & Capitals
Chapter 7 Vocabulary Practice
Chapter 7 Quizlet Review 

Chapter 8: Regions: The Southwest
Chapter 8 Vocabulary Practice
Chapter 8 Quizlet Review 

Chapter 9: Regions: The West
Chapter 9 Vocabulary Practice

 Chapter 10: Illinois Today

Chapter 11: History of Illinois