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Nelson Ridge
Intermediate School


Sponsor: Mrs. Clark

Join the Nelson Ridge Scrapbook Club!!
Each meeting will have a short scrapbook lesson and then time for you to crop, crop crop!!
Bring a snack, your scrapbooking supplies and your creative ideas.

We will meet on Thursdays in room 101 from 2:00 til 3:00

All club members must bring their own scrapbooking supplies to club.

These may be purchased at Michael's, Hobby Lobby, Target etc.  
Basic Supplies
Photos; Several related photos for each meeting
Album: This can be any size acid-free album
Adhesive: There are several styles available
(Do not bring school glue/glue stick unless it is labeled "acid-free.")
Optional Supplies
Embellishments, such as matting paper, die cuts or stickers
Scrapbooking markers ( Do not bring school markers; they must be "acid-free.")
We have tools such as fancy scissors and punches that are available to use during meetings.