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Nelson Ridge
Intermediate School


Sponsor: Mrs. Clark & Mrs. Fiorillo 

Join the Nelson Ridge Scrapbook Club!!

Each meeting will have a short scrapbook lesson and then time for you to crop, crop crop!!

 Bring your scrapbooking supplies and your creative ideas.

We will meet on every other Thursday in room 101 and 103 from 2:00 til 3:00

 All club members must bring their own scrapbooking supplies

 These may be purchased at Michael's, Hobby Lobby, Target etc.  


Basic Supplies

 Photos; Several related photos for each meeting
Album: This can be any size acid-free album
Adhesive: There are several styles available (Do not bring school glue/glue stick unless it is labeled "acid-free.")


 Optional Supplies

 Embellishments, such as matting paper, die cuts or stickers
Scrapbooking markers ( Do not bring school markers; they must be "acid-free.")


We have tools such as fancy scissors and punches that are available to use during meetings.