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Intermediate School
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Mr. Cavazos
4th Grade - Oster-Oakview

Storytown Lesson 19 (February 6 - 10)

The story is "Inventing the Future".

The vocabulary words are: tendency, feat, irrepressible, prestigious, device, and industry.

The spelling list is: steal, steel, waste, waist, weak, week, base, bass, pain, pane, flare, flair, dual, duel, stationary, stationery, flower, flour, sight, site.

The grammar focus will look at Main and Helping Verbs.

Here is the access information for a student's online Storytown account. You can access the reading book and leveled readers.


username: 122firstnamelastname (ex: 122edwardcavazos)

password: nlsd##### (student's five digit number, ex: nlsd12345)

Students can access every spelling list and play some online games at


Students can work on their Language Arts skills (along with Math skills) at


username: 122firstnamelastname@nlsd (ex:122edwardcavazos@nlsd)

password: nlsd##### (student's five digit number, ex: nlsd12345)