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5th Grade Math, Science, and Social Studies
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Social Studies Chapter 1: Please study these notes for the Chapter 1 test as well as the study guide.

Ancient Civilizations


         Created systems for writing

         Agriculture- planted and raised food.

                  *this allowed the Mayan people to live in one place

         Charted the sun, moon, and stars to create a calendar

 Maya Video:

Write 3 sentences about the video. 


Irrigation- a system for bringing water to dry fields.

Culture- a set of beliefs and way of life that are special to a certain group.

Native Americans:

Adapt- to change in order to survive the conditions faced.

*Scientists believe that the first people came to North America over a land bridge between Asia and North America.

Native Americans changed the land by:

  • Digging irrigation canals
  • In California, Native Americans burned shrubs so that grasses would grow. The grasses attracted deer.
  • The Calusa people made an island out of shells 

Lesson 3:

p. 19 Culture is: the way of life of a people. It includes their art, rules, beliefs, and history

p.20 Nomad- A person who moves often in search of food

p. 20 Role of women: making clothing and other household goods. 

p. 21 Children: Native Americans treasured children and believed they had a special connection to the spirit world. 

p. 23 League- formed by the Iroquois. A group whose members share the same goals.

p. 24 Religion: Many groups believed that animals and the earth had spirits.

Answer the essay questions:

  1. Give one example of a change in Native American life that occurred as a result of farming. P.6, p. 16

They were able to stay in one place for a long period of time. They were able to trade goods. No longer had to move to follow the bison.

  1. Give two examples of Native American economies that were based on their geography and environments. P.14 
  1. The Plains people followed the bison. This provided food, shelter, and clothes.
  2. The Cherokee in the Southeast farmed and were expert hunters. This gave them food and tools. They were able to trade.
  3. The Makah and Nootka people depended on the sea. They were expert fishermen. This gave them food.
  4. The woodland people combined farming with hunting and gathering. This gave them food, supplies and could trade.
  5. The southwest grew food crops and cotton. This gave them food and clothing and they were able to trade.


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