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Social Studies Chapter 3 Notes for test:

Chapter 3 Social Studies: Settlements Take Root

Lesson 1 Spanish colony

  • Encomienda- A grant from the Spanish government giving settlers the right to control local Native Americans.
  • Spanish settlements spread when Spanish missionaries set up villages, called missions.
  • Most missions in New Spain were in the northern regions of New Spain.
  • St. Augustine fort was important since it was near the shipping route. The soldiers at the fort protected Spanish ships carrying gold and silver from pirates.
  • Contact with the Spaniards harmed Native Americans when the Spaniards passed European diseases to the Native Americans. As a result, many Native Americans died.
  • Essay: Describe the role of Native Americans in the economy of New Spain:

*Essay: Discuss the role of the encomienda in the economy of the Spanish settlements in New Spain.

Lesson 2 English Colony

* Drought- a long period without rain

* Representative- people chosen by voters to speak and act for them

* England wanted to start a colony in North America to compete with Spain, their rival.

*On Roanoke Island, there was probably a drought which caused a food shortage and the Native Americans could no longer share food with the settlers.

*At Jamestown John Rolfe started to grow a new type of tobacco, which allowed the Virginia company to earn profits.

*Jamestown was surrounded by unclean water and mosquitoes that carried disease.

* Essay: Discuss 3 factors that were important in the survival and growth of the Jamestown colony:

Lesson 3  Pilgrims and Puritans in New England

*Pilgrim- a person who goes on a religious journey

* The Mayflower Compact allowed them to work together to make “just and equal laws”.

*The Wampanoag helped the Pilgrims because the Pilgrims protected them from Foes.

* Religion was important to Pilgrims and Puritans. Religious activities were a central part of their lives.

*The Pilgrims cooperated with the Native Americans, and both groups benefited.

*The Puritans tried to force Christianity on the Native Americans. This led to conflict.

* Essay: Describe why the Pilgrims and Puritans came to North America:

Lesson 4 French and Dutch

  • Northwesst Passage- a shortcut by water across North America to Asia
  • French and Dutch traded with with some Native Americans and had conflict with other Native Americans.
  • Life in the Dutch colony of New Netherland was based on Commerce.
  • English, French, and Dutch colonies had different reasons for starting colonies, but economic motives were important to all three groups.
  • Essay: Contrast the ways the European colonists in North America and the Native Americans viewed the ownership of land:


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